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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!
Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!

Western Union Transfer Fees: A Simple To Use Chart

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Western Union Transfer Fees

Western Union Humble Beginnings

Founded in 1851, Western Union was originally a telegraph company and is now know as the largest money transfer service worldwide, with over 500,000 locations in over 200 countries. Western Union’s headquarters are situated in Denver, Colorado and they offer their services in a variety of methods, including sending money overseas directly to a registered bank account, offering cash pick-up at participating locations and transferring to a mobile wallet, making the interactions easily accessible, safe and quick.

Western Union Transfer Fees

Western Union 1890

There are a variety of differences between transferring money through Western Union and making a traditional bank transfer. Some of those variables include transfer fees, the length of time the receiver must wait before the money can be collected, available countries and territories that can receive and send monetary transfers and the maximum amount that can be transferred at one time.

Western Union is an extremely versatile money transfer service that can send money to over 500,000 participating store locations. With over 100,000 ATMs in over 200 countries, Western Union makes cash fast, accessible and user friendly. The company has the ability to make cash available for the receiver within minutes. Compared to traditional bank transfers, which will normally take anywhere from two to five days to complete the transaction, Western Union is a favorable choice, with more versatility for its customers. Transfer limits vary depending on your location, so it is wise to check their website for specific information about their daily limits.

Western Union Transfer Fees: Sending Money

In regard to transferring funds, banks make their money from offering poor exchange rates and large transfer fees. Transfer fees can vary, usually ranging anywhere from $20-$80 per transaction, depending on the country the recipient resides in. In case of an emergency or the need for instant cash, bank transfers are not the most suitable option, as the fees are high and the money will only be processed within two to five business days. This is an inconvenient and expensive option, in comparison to Western Union’s policies and services. Western Union’s transfer fee rates are substantially lower, usually ranging between $3 and $80, with larger amounts acquiring higher rates. Sending money through a cash transfer has different rates than sending money from a debit or credit card. Fees also depend on the country you are sending to and how the receiver will be withdrawing the cash.


If you need a more accurate price estimate, visit Western Union’s website to use their online tool and get a more precise quote. Once sent, funds will arrive at their desired destination within minutes and can be picked up in cash from one of the many retail locations, worldwide. When sending money, it would be beneficial for both the sender and the receiver to do research and become educated in the process of transferring cash to save time and money, especially when sending funds overseas. Western Union is an excellent option that provides a lot of value for their customers and is the fastest option available on the market today.