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Save your money, so that your money can save you.
Save your money, so that your money can save you.

Walmart MoneyCard®

Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard® Prepaid Card


Walmart, one of the largest retailers have their own prepaid card called “Walmart MoneyCard® “. When you shop at participating stores you would receive 1% cash back that would go directly into your account. However, Walmart’s prepaid card offers its customers up to 3% cash back when shopping at and Murphy USA. It’s also interesting to point out that the MoneyCard® is actually powered by Green Dot.

You can reload your Walmart prepaid card at any Walmart location (called “Rapid Reload“) but cannot reload at the register at other retailers such as CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens etc. Many other prepaid debit cards allow you to reload at these locations and Walmart. Because the MoneyCard® is powered by Green Dot, you can also reload with a MoneyPak or PayPal Cash barcode. Here are some other useful information about this Walmart prepaid card:

  • Free direct deposit
  • Swipe at register (Rapid Reload)
  • Cash your check onto your card
  • Walmart MoneyCenter Express Machines
  • Online bank transfers
  • Direct tax refund

 Walmart MoneyCard® Fees

Walmart MoneyCard® fees are not great, but they are also not bad. The MoneyCard® comes with a monthly fee of $3.00 which can be waived when the user load $1,000 or more onto the card. The monthly fee is the lowest among other prepaid cards that charge a monthly fee. There is a $3.00 fee when cardholders add money onto their Walmart MoneyCard® using Walmart's Rapid Reload. However, this fee is avoidable if cardholders uses Walmart free cash checking service instead. The average ATM withdrawal fee is around $2.00 - $3.00 and Walmart MoneyCard® is on the lower end of this spectrum charging only $2.00.

walmart moneycard fees

Walmart MoneyCard® Benefits

Walmart MoneyCard

We actually haven't put too much focus on the in the past, because we didn't think much of it. When we actually sat down and thought about it, the Walmart MoneyCard® is a very great prepaid card.

Cashback - One of the reasons Walmart MoneyCard® is incredibly beneficial to cardholders is because if it's multiple cashback options. Walmart MoneyCard® cardholders can save 3% cashback when shopping at, 2% cashback when making a purchase at Walmart fuel and 1% when shopping at Walmart retail locations. The 3% cashback is one of the highest cashback out there for prepaid cards.

Walmart Store is Legendary - The second reason we really love this card is because Walmart is the largest company in the nation, if not the world and they sell goods that are cheaper than the competition. There's a difference between getting a prepaid card from a brand, but it's another when that brand is already providing affordable goods that cost less than the competition.

Rapid Load & Walmart Cash Checking - Third reason we love the Walmart MoneyCard® is because Walmart has its own reload center called "Rapid Reload". Not only can Walmart MoneyCard® cardholders reload their card at Walmart retail stores, but they are the only retail location that can also cash your check and load the funds onto your prepaid card. This service is not limited to Walmart MoneyCard® , but Walmart is the only reload location that does this as one service. With other reload locations users have to cash their check which comes with a fee, and then use that cash to load their prepaid card which comes with a reload fee.

Walmart MoneyCard® is definitely high on our list of best prepaid cards in 2020 because of the many differentiators (things that separate the prepaid card from others) and the generally positive reviews across the web. Walmart MoneyCard® also is also one of the most searched for prepaid card based on data from both search engine giants Google & Bing.

Walmart Plus

With Walmart launching it's Walmart Plus, the Walmart MoneyCard® is looking increasingly better as a top prepaid card to get. Walmart Plus is a service Walmart has launched which will allow consumers to purchase products online and receive fast, even same-day delivery. Walmart Plus is a direct competitor to Amazon Prime service. Cardholders are getting 3% cashback when they shop at already and with Walmart Plus they are now getting their items the very next day. This is something to really keep in mind to get the best bang for your bucks. Amazon also has their own store card that offers a competitive 5% cashback, but its not a general prepaid card and funds can only be spent on Amazon.