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Discover the Best Reloadable Cards
Discover the Best Reloadable Cards

Reload Scams

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Avoid Reload Scams 2020

MoneyPak Scams

Note: This section of our website is to help individuals to identify possible scams. MoneyPak scammers typically use the same methods and target the same types of people (usually elders and vulnerable people). By listing & keeping reported scams up-to-date, our hope is their methods & techniques can easily be identified. Scams involve not only MoneyPak, but gift card scams, prepaid debit card scams, money wire scams such as Moneygram/Western Union and more. The most common scammer will pretend to represent law enforcement personnel  stating that you miss jury duty, your doing something illegal and have to pay a fine with a MoneyPak or any number of things.

Reloading scams are an ongoing problem. Criminals are actively seeking vulnerable victims to convince them to pay for a service, virus removal etc.  using MoneyPak cards and other reload packs. They often fraudulently identify themselves as the police, government officials, bill collectors and employees of some company. Here we have collected a list of reload scam stories to help you fight the fraudsters. Please remember there is no legitimate service/stores anywhere that forces you to pay using any reload packs and  NEVER PAY ANYONE, EVEN US, USING A RELOAD PACK!!!

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Reload Scam News Stories

Reload scams involves the criminal persuading their target to load money onto gift cards, prepaid cards, reload packs, wire transfers, and mobile wallets based on false manipulative stories the criminal concocted. The below list are examples of reload scams and fraud.

UPDATE: Scam victims recoup money

Beware of these common gift card scams

DCSO-impersonating scam callers are back at it again

Woman loses nearly $1,500 to familiar scam

Woman out $785 after falling victim to scam–503328921.html

Florida man out nearly $2K; scammers demanded utility payment with prepaid debit cards

Out thousands in Bethlehem: PPL scam among several going around, cops say

Don’t get tricked into a MoneyPak scam, state police warn

Police Advise Residents To Beware Of Green Dot, MoneyPak Scams

Local business experiences attempted fraud

Fairfielders lose money to jury duty phone scam

Phone scammers targeting elderly Hispanic Entergy customers: Kenner police

More sophisticated jury duty scam fools Upstate victims into paying thousands