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Get a Reloadable Card Today!

Reload @ The Register: What You Should Know

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reload at the register

What Is Reload At Register?

reload at register
Reload @ The Register is a service created by Green Dot Corporation. Reload @ The Register allow prepaid cardholders to add funds to their card at selected retail locations at the cash register.

Reload @ The Register is Green Dot’s attempt to prevent MoneyPak scams. Scammers have stolen thousands of dollars from people unsuspecting victims in the past using MoneyPak cards. Green Dot discontinued their MoneyPak in 2015 due to the excessive scams, however they brought it back about a year later after seeing a drop in the company’s profit. Reload @ The Register allow prepaid debit card holders to take their physical debit card to the cash register and load the cash directly onto the card without a reload pack. PayPal My Cash & Vanilla Reload has adopted the “Reload @ The Register” method. The fee for this service is $4.95. It is difficult to scam individuals using Reload @ The Register and this is why its so great.


Can I Get A Refund After I Reload My Card.


reload at the register

No, you cannot get a refund when you reload your card at the cash register. Once you leave the cash register we strongly recommend that you check your receipt. The receipt will verify that cash has been reloaded onto your card. This prevents you from getting a refund. If you were to purchase a Moneypak card then you may request a refund as long as you haven't used the Moneypak validation codes. Reloading at the register or buying a Moneypak card have approximately the same service fee $4. It's just a matter of preference. Below we will show you exactly what to look for to confirm your card has been reloaded correctly at the register.

Heres Exactly What To Look For

Reload @ The Register

There are several things you should look for to confirm that your prepaid card has been successfully reloaded. We've took the initiative of going through the process and taking a photo of the receipt. This reload process took place at a CVS in New York City however, other city and different reload locations should have these specific things on the receipt.
Reload @ The Register
1. Cash Load Amount: Your receipt should show the amount of cash that you've requested to be loaded.

2. Last 4 Digits of Prepaid Card - The receipt should contain the last 4 digits of the prepaid card you've handed to the cashier to be reloaded. Make sure the numbers are correct.

3. Authorization Code: Somewhere on the receipt should be an authorization code. This code allow funds to be loaded onto your card.

4. Transaction Code: The receipt should also have a transaction code. The transaction code enable the transaction to be tracked just in case a dispute arises.

5. Confirmation - There should be some form of confirmation printed on the receipt that the card has been successfully reloaded. Look for words such as "Reloaded" (as can be seen on our receipt), "Successful", "Accepted" and other words of confirmation.