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PrepaidCardStatus: Everything You Need To Know

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PrepaidCardStatus ( looks quite mysterious when you come across the prepaid card website on Google search. There's no real information given by the website to indicate what they do, services offered or really any information given at all. However, it is a very popular, yet secretive, prepaid card website. The image below shows you how this website appears in Google Search.


What Is PrepaidCardStatus & What Do They Do?

PrepaidCardStatus as stated before, offers very little information about their website. The little information we were able to get from the website comes from the badges on their site.


PrepaidCardsStatus claims that:

  • Users can contact their support team
  • Check their card's available balance
  • Find answers to frequently asked questions
  • Update your card or wallet profile

I Gave PrepaidCardStatus a Try

Everything in my stomach was telling me that this website was a scam. Websites that attempt not to be seen on Google or offer very little information about themselves and the purpose of their website raises red flags. I grabbed one of my active prepaid cards (with little to no funds on it), clicked on the "No Wallet" tab and I entered my prepaid card detail into the website. PrepaidCardStatus request users to enter their 14-16 card digit number and the 3 digit CVC security code. This information normally should never be shared with untrustworthy websites. I figured if the website steals my money 1) the website wont get much money from me, only a few dollars and 2) I can inform users of the scam in this article and be certain to spread awareness that the website is a scam (read our Reload Scam post).

Here's What Happened...

 Nothing. I received an error message that stated if I have more than 3 attempted logins I would have my account locked and would have to contact their support to unlock it. Many secured websites have this security measure to prevent hackers and scammers. It was a good sign that maybe PrepaidCardStatus actually was a legitimate website but I was still unsure. 

prepaidcardstatus login

I Did a Little Research About PrepaidCardStatus?

After my failed attempts of logging into PrepaidCardStatus using a regular prepaid card (MyVanilla Card) I decided to do a little research. There were other website talking about PrepaidCardStatus but I had the feeling they were writing from an inexperienced place. The articles were vague and just mentioned that PrepaidCardStatus was a merchant portal. I was not convinced so I went to conduct further in-depth research about the site.

Thanks to the research I conducted, I found out several bits of information that made PrepaidCardStatus seems to be a legit website and certainly NOT A SCAM. Here is what I have uncovered:

  1. PrepaidCardStatus is owned and operated by Davinci Payments Inc. formerly know as Swift Prepaid Solutions Inc.
  2. PrepaidCardStatus and a similar website Prepaid Digital Solutions (Swagbucks uses this company) operates the similarly with no information showing about their website on Google and if you click on their link from Google users will be redirected to a message that blocks you from seeing the content of the website. Visitors are encouraged to directly type-in the website domain name in the URL without Googling it or being referred by other websites. This is apparently a more secured method where your prepaid card information remains safe and secured and I love it!
    Prepaid Digital Solutions


PrepaidCardStatus Problems & Issues

I understand the extreme measures PrepaidCardStatus is taking to keep members prepaid cards safe and guarded. However, many cardholders who are forced to use PrepaidCardStatus have complaints about now being able to access their account or funds on their prepaid cards and phone poor phone support & customer service. Other complaints consumers made about the company is in regards to their website server constantly being down. Consumers have stated in addition to their website issues money from their prepaid card vanished and they've received the run around from PrepaidCardStatus customer support.

PrepaidCardStatus Important Information

PrepaidCardStatus is not like your everyday Green Dot, NetSpend & Ace Flare prepaid cards. They prepaid cards work the same but they have different rules in how they operate. Here are some important information to know if you have a PrepaidCardStatus prepaid card:

  • Short Expiration Date - (the card can expire after only 6 months)
  • Automatic Block - Once your card expires users will automatically be blocked, even if they currently have funds on their prepaid card
  • Replacement - $10 Card replacement fee if you lose your prepaid card

PrepaidCardStatus Merchant List

Here are just a few merchants that have partnered with PrepaidCardStatus. This merchant list is not the full list but it's what I could uncover.

  7. (Exxon Mobil)