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Discover the Best Reloadable Cards
Discover the Best Reloadable Cards

Prepaid Cards with No Fees

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Prepaid cards with no fees at all

So first we wanted to start off by saying technically speaking there are no prepaid cards that doesn't have fees. If this was true, the company would have a rough time to make a profit. However, there prepaid cards with little fees and the fees that the companies do charge are easily avoidable making them fee-less. The most important fees to look out for are the monthly fees (including any inactivity fees), ATM fees & transaction fees. So here are the prepaid cards with no fees.


 These Reloadable Cards Have No Fees At All...


Bluebird Prepaid Card

These reloadable cards have no fees at all, when you use surcharge free ATMs.


1. Bluebird - At the top of the list is the Amex Bluebird prepaid card. This card only charge a $2.50 ATM fee which cardholders can bypass by going to a MoneyPass or AllPoint ATM machine.

The only drawback is that American Express is not accepted in as many online & retail stores as a Visa or Mastercard. This is one of the most recommended prepaid cards not only by us & other websites, but by other prepaid cardholders as well. So this is the top choice if you are searching for prepaid cards with no fees.


Chime debit card

2. Chime - Once again as we've done in the "Best Prepaid Cards in the 2020" article we have to include Chime. Chime is not really a prepaid card but a debit card connected to a mobile bank account backed by Bancorp & Stride bank. Chime very much works like a prepaid card and the reason we love Chime so much is that it's comparable to the Bluebird prepaid card when it comes to fees. The only fee Chime bank charges is a $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee , which can be bypassed with MoneyPass & AllPoint ATMs. There is a reload fee of $5.95. Chime has partnered with Green Dot's Reload @ The Register to load funds onto their debit card. The reload fee can be bypassed, however. If the cardholder links Chime bank account to any other prepaid or bank account they can simply ACH push funds from that account into Chime for free. We are currently doing this with the combo of Serve linked to Chime.


Serve prepaid card

3. Serve - American Express Serve card is ideal for individuals living in New York, Texas or Vermont who's searching for a reloadable card with no fees. Serve charges a $1 monthly fee in these states however that fee can be waived if cardholders direct deposit $500+ per month. If you do not live in one of these three states, the monthly fee is $6.95 which is pretty high. Serve prepaid card only charge three other fees which is a $2.50 ATM withdrawal fee which can be bypassed by going to a MoneyPass or AllPoint Network ATM,  a .50 cents withdrawal declined fee, and a replacement card fee. Most of these fees cardholders won't need to pay attention to because they will likely not apply to cardholders. If Serve cardholders check their account before trying to withdraw cash then the ATM withdrawal declined fee doesn't apply.


We understand that some of these options you will have to do tricks to waive and bypass fees. If you are searching for a simple prepaid card with no fees we definitely recommend Bluebird or Chime card. If you live in NY, TX or VT then we would recommend Serve as well. If you do not live in any of those three states we would not recommend Serve.