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Discover the Best Reloadable Cards
Discover the Best Reloadable Cards

One VIP Prepaid Debit Card

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One VIP Prepaid Debit Card


Table of Contents

  1. One VIP Card Overview
  2. Who Is Urban One?
  3. One VIP Prepaid Card
  4. How Does the One VIP Card Compare?
  5. One VIP Prepaid Card Fees
  6. One VIP Card Final Thoughts
    1. Pros
    2. Cons


One VIP Card Overview

One VIP prepaid card review 

The One VIP prepaid debit card has just launched in October 2020 with a unique twist. The One VIP card was created by the mega conglomerate company Urban One and it targets the African American community. Below we are going to dig into Urban One and the nooks and cranny of their One VIP prepaid Card.


Who Is Urban One?

Urban One 

Urban One, a giant media company with a large audience of African American readers, has decided to join the increasingly growing prepaid card industry with their launch of the "One VIP" prepaid card.


Founded by Cathy Huges Urban One is a multimedia company based in Silver Spring, Maryland that have created the successful Radio One radio station, Cleo TV (launched in 2019) and most notably TV One television channel responsible for such shows as Rickey Smiley For Real, Fatal Attraction, Hollywood Divas, NewsOne Now & the Empire. Urban One primary audience is African Americans.


One VIP Prepaid Card

One VIP prepaid card 

One of the primary goal of the One VIP prepaid card is to keep black dollars within the black community. Urban One Senior Vice President Jon Round stated "The digital financial solution and rewards program allows us to provide access, flexibility, and empowerment to our Consumers, and helps to circulate Black dollars in the Black community."


How Does the One VIP Prepaid Card Compare to Others?

One vip Visa card 

The One VIP prepaid card can have a slight advantage over other prepaid cards with the right marketing behind it simply because African Americans are the primary users of prepaid cards and Urban One has a large African American audience. The One VIP prepaid card also have impressively low fees and the incentive to earn bonus points while "buying black" at One VIP shopping network is also an attractive perk .


One VIP Prepaid Card Fees

 one vip prepaid card fees

One VIP has pretty impressive low fees. There are only two fees cardholders need to be concerned with if they own this card and that is the monthly fee & ATM withdrawal fee. The monthly fee is $4.95 which is unavoidable. Unfortunately it is not possible to have this fee waived. The ATM withdrawal fee is $2.95 which is among the highest ATM withdrawal fees we've seen from prepaid cards. Currently there is no mention whether or not this prepaid card can be used with surcharge free ATMs such as MoneyPass & AllPoint.


Final Thoughts

One VIP prepaid debit card 

If you are looking for a prepaid debit card with a positive social cause, then this card just may be for you. The unique goal of the ONE VIP card of circulating the black dollar within the black community is a positive one. If you are looking to avoid monthly fees then there are a few other options that are more attractive such as the Amex Bluebird card or the Chime debit card that has $0 monthly fees and the Serve card if you live in one of the 3 states that charges only $1 monthly fee. It's also a new company in the prepaid card industry so it may be here today and gone tomorrow like so many others before them (The Approved Card, Young Money Card, Kardashian Kard, Evolve Card etc.).




  • Very low fees

  • Cashback rewards

  • It's a card with a cause



  • Unavoidable monthly fee

  • High ATM withdrawal fee

  • No established history