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NetSpend® Prepaid Card

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netspend prepaid card

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Table of Contents

  1. NetSpend® Prepaid Card Review
  2. Where Can I Load My NetSpend® Card?
  3. How to Reload NetSpend® Card at Walmart?
  4. Where Can I Get a NetSpend® Card?
  5. NetSpend® Prepaid Card Fees
  6. NetSpend® Prepaid Card Limits
  7. How Can I Check My NetSpend® Balance?
  8. Pay-As-You-Go-Plan vs Reduced Monthly Plan
  9. Pay No Fees With NetSpend® Prepaid Card
  10. NetSpend® Card App Reviews
  11. NetSpend® All-Access® Card
  12. Western Union NetSpend®


NetSpend® Prepaid Card Review

netspend prepaid card review

NetSpend® is one of the largest prepaid cards available on the market.Here is how they performed on our scorecard.

  • Features Score: 100

NetSpend receives the highest score of 100 as far as features. Not only do they allow users the basic features such as viewing transaction history, paying bills online etc, but they also allow users the ability to move money with Flashpay. Ontop of that cardholders can choose various card designs or request a customized card with the photo they choose. This is unique to NetSpend and not other prepaid cards.

  • Fees Score: 50

NetSpend's FeeAdvantage plan, which is the standard plan, is pretty fee-heavy in comparison with other prepaid card options available. However, the company also offer 2 other plans which when combined with a free ATM and direct deposit makes the card practically fee-less. We show you how to pay no fees below.

  • Reload Score: 75

With 130,000 locations it is very easy to reload your NetSpend card. Cardholders will not have any issues adding money to their card.

  • Rewards: 75

Not only does NetSpend offer cardholders the ability to earn cashback rewards, but they also offer their members cash prize. Currently (December 30, 2020) NetSpend is offering their members a chance to win $5,000 cash reward money (ends April 2021).


netspend prepaid card

NetSpend Prepaid Card


Where Can I Load My NetSpend® Card?

You can reload your NetSpend® card at 130,000 reload locations such as CVS, Rite Aid, Family Dollar, Dollar General, Dollar Tree and other locations. These locations are also known as “Reload Centers”. You can also reload your NetSpend® prepaid card at many locations that have Visa® ReadyLink and at money transfer sites like Western Union and MoneyGram, which will require your card's reload code (a 4 digit pin). You can find the nearest locations using our Reload Locations tool, which includes a list of 65,000 locations (but not the complete list of stores), or you can use NetSpend® reload center locator.

How to Reload a NetSpend® Card at Walmart?

To reload your NetSpend® card at Walmart you will be using a Rapid Reload, which is just a fancy name for reloading your card at the cash register. Simply take your card with you while visiting your local Walmart. Go straight to the cash register and tell the cashier the amount you would like to reload onto your NetSpend® card. Depending on the location there may be a small fee for this service which ranges from $3 - $5.

Hand the Walmart cashier the cash amount that you are adding onto your NetSpend® card + the fee. For example if you are loading $100 onto your NetSpend® card, give the cashier $100 plus the $3-$5 fee. The Walmart cashier will swipe your NetSpend® card at the register, enter a few codes and go through some procedures. This should take a minute or two. The Walmart cashier will then hand you back any change owed to you along with the receipt of the transaction. That's it your you've just reloaded your NetSpend® card at Walmart.

💡Tip: Save the receipt at least until the funds are reflected on your NetSpend® account. God forbid something happens, and the funds never make it to your NetSpend® account, the receipt will have all of the transaction information including confirmation code, confirmation message and the employee who serviced you. This information will come in handy if you need to make a dispute of "funds not received".

Where Can I Get A NetSpend® Card?

NetSpend Prepaid Card

You can pick up a NetSpend® prepaid card at most major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, Walmart etc. The NetSpend card will be located in the "Prepaid" section of the store. Simply look for the rotating rack of reload packs and prepaid cards or ask the cashier "Where is the prepaid card section of the store?".

NetSpend® Prepaid Card Fees

NetSpend prepaid card also offer cardholders 3 different plans to choose from, the FeeAdvantage Plan, Reduced Monthly Plan and the Pay-As-You-Go Plan. Although NetSpend® is a slightly fee-heavy prepaid card, there are ways around many of their fees. The ATM withdrawal fee is $2.50 regardless of which plan you choose, however, this fee can be avoided by using free NetSpend ATMs. There is a replacement card fee of $9.95 if you lose your prepaid card or if the card was stolen. There is no activation fee. The monthly fee and transaction fees can vary depending on which plan you choose. If your account is inactive, then there is a $5.95 fee charged to your account. Below we have drawn up charts to display each plan fees.

FeeAdvantage Plan

NetSpend FeeAdvantage Plan 

Reduced Monthly Plan

NetSpend Reduced Monthly Plan

Pay-As-You-Go Plan

NetSpend Pay-As-You-Go Plan

NetSpend® Prepaid Card Limits

NetSpend prepaid card allow cardholders to hold a maximum balance of $15,000 on their card which is a pretty generous amount all things considered. The maximum ATM withdrawal per transaction is $325 which is slightly on the lower side when comparing it to other prepaid cards. Also keep in mind that ATM operators may have their own withdrawal limits per transaction. So if an ATM operator maximum withdrawal per transaction is $200, cardholders cannot withdrawal the $325 maximum. The chart below displays NetSpend prepaid card limitations. You can also visit NetSpend terms of service for full list of fees & limitations.

NetSpend® Prepaid Card Limits

How Can I Check My NetSpend® Balance?

You can check your NetSpend® balance by phone, ATM or online at the official NetSpend® website. Checking your NetSpend® balance by phone and ATM may cost you a fee, so you should definitely just check your balance online. Visit, enter your account information and log in. The amount of money currently left on your balance should be displayed on the dashboard.

Is NetSpend® a Bank?

No, NetSpend® is not a bank. NetSpend® cards are actually issued by Metabank. NetSpend® is a prepaid card company that has partnered with many other major brands such as Walmart, PayPal, Western Union, Brinks, Major League Baseball and United airlines to provide a payment solution to the unbank and under-bank Americans. As of 2019 NetSpend® has serviced over 10 million people with their prepaid cards.

Pay-As-You-Go-Plan vs Reduced Monthly Plan

NetSpend® standard plan will cost users $9.95 which is definitely a fee most users will want to avoid. Luckily NetSpend® allow users to choose between two additional plans, the Pay-As-You-Go Plan and the Reduced Monthly Plan. With the Pay-As-You-Go Plan NetSpend® has completely wiped out the monthly fee. However, there is a $2 pin transaction and $1 signature fee per purchase. The Reduced Monthly plan allow users to cut the original $10 monthly fee in half. Users under the Reduced Monthly plan will only have to pay $5 per month. There is no pin or transaction fees under the Reduced Monthly plan. So, which plan is better? Find the answer below with detailed information on how to go Fee-less with NetSpend®.

Pay No Fees With NetSpend® Prepaid Card

Because NetSpend® offer users a variety of plans to choose from there is actually a way to completely avoid all fees using this reloadable card. Below we show users just how to do that.

1. Choose Pay-As-You-Go Plan - This plan is the best plan because it completely wipes out the monthly fee. Although you are paying $2 per pin transaction and $1 for signature transactions, these fees can both be avoided if users complete most of their purchases online. Online transactions doesn't typically require users to input a pin number or ask for a signature.

2. Direct Deposit - Setup direct deposit to fund your NetSpend® card because it is quick, reliable and does not charge a fee to do so. If users were to go to a reload location there is typically a $3 - $5 processing fee depending on the retail location.

3. Use Free NetSpend® ATMs - Granted, it may be difficult to purchase everything online. Users may need to spend money at their local Mom & Pops, restaurants or retail stores. In this scenario use a NetSpend® surcharge free ATM like MoneyPass & AllPoint Network. These Automated Teller Machines allow users to withdraw cash from their NetSpend® card for free.

If NetSpend® prepaid cardholders follow the above method, they should not be charged a dime to use this reloadable card.



NetSpend® All-Access® Card

NetSpend All Access Card

NetSpend® All-Access® card by Metabank is more of a bank account than your regular prepaid debit card. Users have the ability to choose multiple direct deposit options including their paycheck, tax refund, or other government benefits.

NetSpend All Access Account
The Netspend® All-Access® account offer users the ability to earn 6% percent APY High-Yielding Savings Account (this is optional). The drawback is that there is an overdraft fee of $20 when you spend over $10.00 of your balance. Cardholders can only be charged an overdraft fee 5x per month.All things considered the NetSpend® All-Access account overdraft fee is still cheaper than the national average fee of $30 that traditional banks charge. This card is more for people who prefer the traditional bank account over prepaid debit cards and doesn't mind the overdraft fee.

Western Union NetSpend®

Western Union Netspend Prepaid Card

Besides the official NetSpend® prepaid card, NetSpend® has partnered with Western Union to create a Western Union NetSpend® card. This card can easily be identified because it has the Western Union logo visible in front of the card. Western Union NetSpend® and NetSpend® prepaid card will likely be at most of the stores listed on our site. One major benefit to users of the Western Union prepaid card is the ability to wire money (in-person) to a Western Union location. Here are some other benefits of using a Western Union NetSpend® card:

  • Mobile check load
  • Send money in minutes
  • Receive Western Union money transfers
  • Learn More

We hope that you've found this article valuable when it comes to learning a little more about the NetSpend® prepaid card. If you're interested in reading similar reviews, please subscribe below to get alerted of new posts!