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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!
Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!

How Do I Add Money To PayPal With A MoneyPak?

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Can I Add Money To My PayPal Account With A MoneyPak

Can I Add Money To My PayPal Account With A MoneyPak?

As of today it's not possible to add a MoneyPak to your PayPal account. Around 2015 it was possible to fund your PayPal account using a MoneyPak however, in 2019 that is not the case. PayPal stopped allowing MoneyPak in favor for it PayPal My Cash card. PayPal My Cash is a reload pack that works exactly like a MoneyPak. The only difference was the PayPal design and brand of the reload pack.

Can I Add Money To My PayPal Account With A MoneyPak


How To Add Money To Your PayPal With PayPal Cash®

  1. How To Use PayPal CashLogin to generate a PayPal barcode
  2. Choose the retailer you will be going to.
  3. PayPal will generate the code and send it to your smartphone or you can print it
  4. Show the cashier the barcode.
  5. Pay the $3.95  fee
  6. The inconvenient part of this process is actually generating the barcode. Once the barcode has been generated via smartphone, you will have 1 hour before the barcode expires (48 hours if you decided to print it). PayPal advises the consumer to generate the code once they arrive at the location of the retailer. This can however present problems such as internet connectivity issues. Also if a PayPal error occurs when generating the barcode, then it becomes a wasted trip. PayPal has provided the following instructions if the consumer isn't receiving the text message with the barcode:
PayPal Barcode 
  1. Click on the link provided in the text message. If you’re not receiving the text with the code, you may need to contact your mobile phone carrier and ask them to turn on short-code text.
  2. When you get to the register, select the "Click at the register" button.
  3. The barcode will be displayed on your mobile device and will not need to be printed.
These are some of the cons of using PayPal Cash reload method but it is more secure than other reload packs.   If you've found the information in this article useful please share it!