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Save your money, so that your money can save you.
Save your money, so that your money can save you.

Green Dot® Prepaid Card

green dot prepaid card

Green Dot® Prepaid Card

How Does The Green Dot® Card Differ From Other Debit Cards?

green dot debit cards

The Green Dot® card, besides being one of the more popular prepaid debit cards, is one of our favorite debit cards. The Green Dot card is operated under its own financial institution, the Green Dot® bank. However, it also operates under the registered names GoBank and Bonneville bank. This is worth mentioning because most other debit cards operate under Metabank owned by Meta Financial Group Inc.

Green Dot® has also popularized the use of reload packs with its introduction of the MoneyPak and the ability to reload your prepaid card at the register. Even though the MoneyPak has been discontinued in 2015 due to scams and swindlers, they have brought the MoneyPak back. It is currently the only last surviving reloadpack in circulation today, with the exception of Netspend Reload Pack & Reloadit.

Something You Should Know About Green Dot®

Last year in 2017 it was announced on Forbes that Green Dot® has purchased Russell Simmons “Rush Card” for $167 million or more. In 2015 Green Dot® acquired the Achieve Card and Account Now. These acquisitions make Green Dot one of the most powerful debit card company in existence.

Green Dot® Card Benefits

green dot card

We’ve mention a little bit about Green Dot® so users are aware of the power behind the Green Dot® brand. The first benefit of owning a Green Dot® card is strong security. To register your Green Dot® card you are required to follow certain guidelines concerning your username and password. Green Dot® bank is a financial institution that’s insured by the FDIC.

The second benefit is having the peace of mind knowing your card is supported to use Moneypak and “Reload At The Register“. Green Dot® has also added a new future recently that allows customers to move money from their balance into a vault. This feature is similar to Serve’s “Reserve Balance” and one of our favorite future of debit cards. This mean you can move money from your available balance into the vault account. Companies cannot touch the money located in your vault, which is good because sometimes we have multiple subscriptions and forget to cancel some of them. If we move the bulk of our money into the vault, any unsuspecting charge that occurs will result in a failed billing notification and we cancel the subscription or pay the bill. Here is more useful information regarding the Green Dot® card:

Green Dot® Reloadable Card

green dot reload card
Green Dot Reload CardGreen Dot® Reloadable Debit Card – one of the best options for debit card users.
Reload your debit card and make purchases anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

  • Supports MoneyPak
  • Reload at register at more than 65,000 locations
  • Funds backed by FDIC bank
  • Transfer balance into vault

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Green Dot® Cash Back Card

Green dot cash back card
Green Dot Cash Back CardGreen Dot® Cash Back card offers one of the highest cash back reward at a rate of 5%.
Green Dot® Cash back debit card offers one of the highest cash back programs at a rate of 5%. This is 2% higher than Walmart’s MoneyCard® 3% cashback reward.

  • Online transaction fee
  • Get paid 2 days earlier via direct deposit
  • Instant card to card transfer
  • Deposit checks with smartphone
  • Write checks
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    Green Dot® Platinum Visa Secured Credit Card

    Green Dot Platinum Visa Secured Credit Card
    Green Dot® Platinum Credit Card helps users to establish and rebuild their credit history and boost their credit score.
    Unlike any other debit card company Green Dot® also provides a secured credit card. Secured credit cards help people with low or no credit build their credit score.

    • Established or rebuild your credit history
    • Security deposit as low as $200
    • Good credit or bank account NOT required
    • Reload your card 7-Eleven, CVS and more.
    • Find reload centers!
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      Load & Go™ Prepaid Visa® Card

      load and go prepaid card
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      The Load & Go Prepaid Card allow customers to use the card immediately after initial load from the cash register. The Load & Go card is Green Dot’s version of InComm’s OneVanilla card. These prepaid cards are for one time use only and does not require you to reveal personal information.

      However, I have to always mention that any company you purchase from may require personal information when buying a product or service. In these scenarios a prepaid debit card cannot be used. This is not so much of an issue because there are plenty of stores that does not require personal information.

      Users of Load & Go have the option of “upgrading” their card. This just mean users fill out a registration form from Green Dot and you will receive an official Green Dot prepaid debit card.

      Green Dot Issues

      So in full disclosures after having been with Green Dot for a while we must share with you some issues Green Dot has.

      Green Dot Horrible Website – One specific example of a nightmare that happened was when I tried to sign in,  Green Dot was suppose to send an authentication code to my email to verify it was me logging in. This is typical with many online websites now to protect their users safety, so no issue there. The problem was however, I never received it until an hour after when I attempted to log in. I kept requesting for a new code and but all of the authentication codes arrived in my email long after my log in attempt. This isn't a common issue with Green Dot and I would not complain as much, there were other issues I've encountered with the company.

      Not Being Able To Transfer Money At Night – Green Dot in many cases have issues with allowing you to make purchases, transfer your money from your vault to balance (or from balance to vault) or other transactions at midnight. This occurred several times for us when attempting to purchase something online around 12am – 5pm. We tried purchasing a pizza at night from (before 12am) and our Green Dot card was declined even though we had more than enough money on our card to cover the charge. Recently we tried to transfer $440 from our Green Dot vault to the balance and kept getting an error message. So for the entire day we did not have access to the money in our vault. Another instance when we logged in to our Green Dot account, the balance and vault would show $0 when we have clearly loaded $500+ onto the card. Later the the correct amount was shown, but these minor issues are worrisome to cardholders who want a safe place to store their cash.

      Green Dot Mobile App

      Cardholders have made complaints about Green Dot's mobile app loading too slow or have multiple issues. From our experience Green Dot mobile app has been a much better experience than there website. We have yet to encounter any issues with the app. Recently in 2020 Green Dot has imitated Serve in two noticeable ways.  Green Dot has just added the "Swipe" to check your balance without logging into your account feature, which has been a feature Amex Serve had for quite some time. We've also noticed in the Green Dot mobile app the "Fees Paid" section when you check your transaction. Cardholders can view the amount of fees they were charged from the company monthly and yearly. The fees collected will ultimately depend on how the cardholder use their card because of the different types of fees that come with the Green Dot card.


      Green Dot is supported by MoneyPak which is the biggest asset to the prepaid debit card giant. We also give Green Dot kudos for being an innovator and move maker in the prepaid card industry creating the first reload pack and "reload at cash register" services and in general partnering with other financial products.

        However, the website constant errors and the limitation placed on what you can do with your money makes this company less desirable. If you are not a very active user of prepaid debit card then I would still recommend Green Dot. However, if you are a active user Green Dot is not the most reliable company to go with. You will have to constantly deal with error messages and issues as to why your transaction was declined or why you cannot do the basics as a prepaid debit card holder. Another user has complained of trying to withdraw money from the ATM and the card was rejected, however, there is no direct correlation on what caused the problem.