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Save your money, so that your money can save you.
Save your money, so that your money can save you.

Free ATM For Green Dot

free atms for Green dot

Green Dot Free ATM Near Me

We are going to show you how to find free ATMs for Green Dot, so you can keep your hard-earned money on your card. Green Dot,  charges you an ATM fee of $3.00 to withdrawal cash from your account. This is of course ontop of the other fees you're paying which is the $6.95 monthly fee and balance inquiry. Gobank & Bonneville Bank are banks associated with Green Dot but they do not have their own free ATM locations. 

Bonneville Bank Locations

  • Bonneville Bank
    1675 North Freedom Blvd. (200 West)
    Provo, UT 84604
  • Bonneville Bank
    P.O. Box 400
    Provo, UT 84603-0400

GoBank Locations

  • Gobank does not have any locations but instead uses retail locations. GoBank is a trademark of Green Dot.

Thanks to two companies millions of prepaid cardholders can avoid the withdrawal fees and simply get their cash for free. Here's how to find Free ATMs for Green Dot.

Green Dot ATM Withdrawal Limit Per Day

That maximum Green Dot ATM withdrawal limit per day is $500. The maximum withdrawal allowed per month is $3,000. It is also important to note mention that ATMs have their own limitations as well. The maximum amount of money that can be taken out of an ATM per withdrawal is around $400 - $500. Cardholders can swipe their card a second time and make another withdrawal  but not with this Green Dot card (also keep in mind there is a withdrawal fee from both prepaid card provider + ATM operator per transaction). In most cases, it is not possible to withdrawal the entire $3,000 from an ATM at one time.

Where Can I Withdraw Money From My Green Dot Card for Free?

If you are looking to avoid ATM withdrawal free, you may want to exclusively use MoneyPass ATMs. MoneyPass is an Automated Teller Machine company that allow prepaid, debit and credit card holders to withdraw cash for free. Money Pass has 32,000  surcharge free ATM available all across the United States, so you won't have to travel far to use it. Wait, there's more! Another Automated Teller Machine company called AllPoint also have a network of ATMs that are surcharge free. That's double the location.  


How to Use MoneyPass & AllPoint Network?

It's very simple to use. MoneyPass & AllPoint ATMs do not require any special hardware or instructions to use. These ATMs operate like regular ATMs.

  1. Step 1. Just insert your Green Dot card into the card entry slot and swipe.
  2. Step 2. You will be asked whether you want to withdrawal funds from your checking or savings account. Choose "Checking".
  3. Step 3. Choose one of the withdrawal amounts listed or enter your own dollar amount.
  4. Step 4. Withdrawal your cash without any fees attached.

Where Do I Find a MoneyPass or AllPoint ATM?

You can use our Reload Location tool to locate the nearest MoneyPass or AllPoint ATM. Our locator will display both ATM brands that is closest to you, so you get the best of both worlds. However, you can also use the official MoneyPass locator or the official AllPoint locator.

MoneyPass & AllPoint Mobile Apps

Alternatively you can download the MoneyPass and/or AllPoint Android & Iphone apps. This would be the ideal option if you are the type of person that withdrawal cash from ATMs frequently.