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Discover the Best Reloadable Cards
Discover the Best Reloadable Cards

Fanduel Prepaid Card

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fanduel prepaid card


Fanduel prepaid card called the "Prepaid Play+ Card" is an easy way for online gambling participants to receive their money, instantly! Gambling is a $240 billion industry in the United States and Fanduel is one of the largest gambling company in the country. E-wallets have been the most common way for gamblers to receive their winnings/earnings in the past but that has been changing to prepaid debit cards. Here's everything you need to know about the Fanduel prepaid card

Who or What Is Fanduel?

Fanduel fantasy sports

Fanduel owned by the Fanduel Group headquarted in New York City, is one of the largest gambling website in the United States (second to DraftKing). Fanduel offers horse race betting, online casinos, sportsbook and are particularly known for their fantasy sports service. Established in 2009 Fanduel has over eight point five million registered users as of 2019.

Where Can I Get a Fanduel Prepaid Card?

Unlike other prepaid debit cards you cannot just pick up a Fanduel prepaid card from the nearest retailer. Here are the 6 steps you must take to get your Fanduel prepaid card mailed to you.

  1. Log in to your Fanduel account.
  2. Click the green "Add Funds" button. fanduel add funds
  3. Select Fanduel as payment option.
  4. Complete Registration.
  5. Add Funds to your account.
  6. Wait 10-14 days to receive your Prepaid Play+ Card

 How to Add Funds to Fanduel Prepaid Card?

You cannot add cash to your Fanduel prepaid card unfortunately. Cardholders will have to load their card online, here's how to do that.

  • Log in to your Fanduel account.
  • Click on the green "Add Funds" button fanduel add funds
  • Enter dollar amount
  • *Choose Payment Method
  • Confirm Transaction

 * Visa & Mastercards are accepted however, American Express cannot be used directly. To use your American Express card users will have to use the PayPal checkout option and enter their Amex card information in the checkout form or login to their PayPal account if they already have their Amex card linked to the account.

Can You Use Prepaid Cards for Fanduel?

Yes, Fanduel allow their users to use both prepaid cards and gift cards. However, the bank of the prepaid card may decline the transaction because they have restrictions against gambling.

Fanduel Prepaid Card Withdrawal

Fanduel Prepaid Card Withdrawal

To withdaw money from your Fanduel prepaid card is pretty simple. Follow these easy steps to cash out your winnings.

    1. Log in to your Fanduel account.
    2. Click on your profile photo 
    3. fanduel profile image
    4. Click "My Account"
    5. Click on the blue "Withdraw" button
    6. Choose your withdrawal method
    7. Done