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Save your money, so that your money can save you.
Save your money, so that your money can save you.

Cash App: The Must-Have App For Millennials

Cash App Card

Cash App has become almost a must have financial app especially for Millennials and Generation Z. Before I jump into what cash app is and discuss what I like & dislike about the "Cash Card" (Yaye! I got my card!) I want to share two examples how it was preferred over PayPal.

Example How Cash App is Used

What cash app is used for?
Are you familiar with Instagram Influencers? They are basically Instagram users who have a huge following and influence usually in particular areas (makeup, fashion, lifestyle etc.). Take @Supercarblondie for example, she's an Instagram Influencer in the luxury car industry. I attempted to setup a collaboration with an influencer to promote my Instagram page. The dilemma was that I told to pay with Cash app and was given their $tagname. At the time I did not have Cash app and told the influencer I will pay with PayPal but they did not have PayPal account. The influencer then ask if I had an account with Zelle (another popular financial app for Millennials & Generation Z). I did not have Zelle either so I missed out on the opportunity of a promotion.
Airbnb was the second time someone recommended I use Cash app. When Airbnb had some issues with their back end and I couldn't pay the money I owed my Airbnb host, I was stuck on how to pay them. I told my host I could pay offline and the first thing my host asked was "Do you have Cash App?" 

Can You Use a Reloadable Card for Cash App?

can you use a reloadable card for cash app

No. It is unfortunate but you cannot use a reloadable card for Cash App. There is however a work-around that requires you to sign up for a Chime account and connect that debit card to your Cash App. Chime works just like a reloadable card but its actually a mobile bank. Its compareable to the Blue Bird reloadable card as far as low to no fees and most people are accepted as members because Chime does not turn potential members away because of their credit score or Chexsystem. The above image is our Chime debit card successfully connected to the Cash App. Learn more about the Chime Bank and decide whether or not you want to take this route.

Create a Cash App account

After these two experiences I downloaded Cash App and created an account. The sign up process was very simple similar to creating an Instagram account. New users have to link their email to their new account, create a Cash App username and link a bank account.

Linking a Bank Account

Link bank account cash app

This was an issue for me as it will be for most prepaid cardholders because prepaid cards are not allowed to be linked to your Cash App account. Without linking a bank account Cash App almost becomes useless. You can only receive payments from other users, but you cannot send payments or add money into your account without the linked bank account. 

 $ReloadableCard Cash Card

We received our Cash App card officially known as the "Cash Card". Getting it in the mail and opening up the envelope was actually a great experience. We felt as if we were opening a premium debit card.  I love the matte black card.

Cash Card

During the registration process we had the option of choosing the black card or the white card. The black card has always reminded me of the American Express "unlimited credit" black credit card so that's why I chose this color. I do dislike that the Cash card easily left smudge finger prints visible on the front of the card (see photo below).

Cash App Visa card

On the flipside I love that we got to choose our website name (Also our Cash app tag name) $ReloadableCards on the front of our Visa card. It's also a plus that the card number and CVC code are located on the back. This is our second card that's designed this way. The first card we received like this was the PayPal Business debit card and it's quite an attractive design.


$ReloadableCards Cash Card