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Can You Book a Hotel With a Prepaid Debit Card?

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Can You Book a Hotel With a Prepaid Debit Card

Yes, you can book most hotels in the United States using your prepaid or debit card. Cardholders may come across issues with booking a hotel with a prepaid debit card depending on which booking website they use and how they process payments. However, I have personally booked hotels for an entire month using my American Express Serve card and NetSpend card. I recently used my Chime credit card at a Hilton hotel (October 15, 2020) and can verify that yes, it too was accepted by the hotel.

Things You Should Know Before Booking a Hotel With Your Prepaid Debit Card!

can you book a hotel with a debit card

Booked Online -There are a couple of things prepaid debit cardholders should know before planning on booking a room at a hotel. For the most part I have exclusively booked hotels completely online using my prepaid debit card. Cardholders may run into issues when attempting to book a room with their card in-person, reason being some hotels do not accept prepaid cards as payments.

Get Free Nights - I highly recommend using to book your hotel rooms simply because their platform is very easy to use and you collect free nights for every 10 times you book a room. The free nights are only good for hotel rooms of equal payment as you've booked before. So if your average booking cost was $100 you can book a hotel room for free that cost $100 and under. As stated before I book hotels often throughout the year, (I just love the environment) and I collected 7 free nights by using It was so wonderful going on vacation and booking a hotel for a week without paying a dime. I highly recommend using them and they are the only platform I use to book my hotel rooms.

Government Identification - 95% of the hotels will require that you present the card that you used at checkout online a long with a state ID. Historically I've presented my prepaid debit card and have had no issues. This verification process is to prevent fraud so be sure to have both the card that you used to pay for the hotel and your government ID or drivers license.

Additional Charge/Hold - Some hotels that you book will also want to place a hold on your card. The amount will be between $50 - $100. This hold is placed in the event that you break, ruin or defaced the hotel, the hotel can charge you for it. so every time you book a hotel have an additional $50 - $100 set aside on your card so you don't end up in a bad situation. I asked the Hotel clerk what happens if they couldn't successfully retrieve the $50 hold from me and she informed me I wouldn't be able to book the hotel. as I stated I recently booked a hotel with Hilton and there was a surprise $100 hold that I wasn't aware of until i got to the hotel. Luckily I had money in my Chime Spending and Savings account and was able to transfer money from my Chime Spending account into my Chime Credit Card balance to cover the charge. So please keep this in mind before booking a hotel with your prepaid debit card.