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Can I use Prepaid Cards with Airbnb?

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Can I use Prepaid Cards With Airbnb

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb, Inc. is a vacation rental platform that allow home owners to essentially sublet their home or rent a room in their home for a specified time frame. Airbnb was founded in San Francisco California in August 2008 by Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia. domain name was originally, which now redirects to sitemap.

Can I use Prepaid Cards with Airbnb?

Yes, you can use a prepaid debit card as a payment method on Airbnb. Airbnb accepts credit/debit and prepaid Visa, Mastercard and American Express cards, PayPal and mobile wallets like Google Wallet.

Does Prepaid cards work with Airbnb


Does PayPal Work with Airbnb?

Yes, you can also use PayPal to pay for your Airbnb fees. Once you have requested to book a room and that request has been accepted, Airbnb will ask you to choose a payment method. Instead of credit/debit card options simple click next  to the PayPal icon. You will be redirected to PayPal where you log into your account and complete the payment. Below is a screenshot of our receipt from booking an Airbnb using PayPal as a payment method.

Does PayPal Work With PayPalDoes PayPal Work With PayPal


Airbnb May Confirm Ownership of Prepaid Card

Airbnb will likely ask you at some point and time to provide a bank statement. This is to prove that the prepaid card actually belongs to you. Different prepaid card has the bank statement accessible in various locations in the dashboard when you log in, so we can't really  provide instructions to locate it. You may want to check near your transaction activity/history.


Can I Use Gift Cards With Airbnb?

We are unsure on whether or not gift cards are accepted on the Airbnb platform. Because Airbnb requires a bank statement to confirm ownership of prepaid cards our guess is that gift cards are not allowed.


My Prepaid Card Was Declined

Many prepaid cards, credit cards, debit cards and even PayPal payments have been declined by Airbnb for no specific reason. The cards have enough funds to pay for the booking fees yet the payments are not going through. This is a common problem many guests on Airbnb faces. The company that processes Airbnb payments does so in a unique way.

What Can You Do?

Fortunately, declining payments is a temporary thing. Although it is temporary it can be inconvenient. Our card was declined for approximately two months until we contacted Airbnb to solve the problem. We recommend just contacting Airbnb support and explain the situation to them. Support may require that you provide documentation to prove you own the card but otherwise it should get straightened out.

Is There a Hold Placed on My Prepaid Card?

No, Airbnb does not place a hold on your prepaid card. Once a guest has request to book a listing on Airbnb they are not immediately charged. When the host confirm that the guest can stay at their listing then the default payment method will be charged. Initially when guests add their prepaid card to the Airbnb platform, there may be a hold placed on the card but it will be less than a dollar.