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Get a Reloadable Card Today!

Can I Use Prepaid Cards on PayPal?

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Can I Use Prepaid Cards on PayPal

Yes! You can attach a prepaid card to your PayPal account. We were successfully able to add Amex Serve, Green Dot & NetSpend to our PayPal account. I do believe users must also attach 1 bank account to PayPal in order to use it without limitations and this is where Green Dot comes in handy again. Green Dot for unknown reasons are capable of passing the test when trying to add it to PayPal as a bank account. Many other prepaid cards cannot do this. If you try to attach a prepaid card as a bank account in PayPal I would strongly recommend Green Dot.

 Green Dot Connected as a Bank Account To PayPal

Prepaid Cards Connected as bank in PayPal

Prepaid Cards Connected To PayPal

Prepaid Cards connected to PayPal

Prepaid Card

paypal prepaid card

PayPal prepaid card is another way to go if you are looking to get a prepaid card that works with PayPal. Its pretty to get as well. Just simply visit a participating store and purchase the PayPal Cash card or you can fill out your personal information online and receive your PayPal Cash card in the mail in 3-5 business days. With PayPal prepaid Card you Can transfer funds direct from your PayPal balance onto your PayPal prepaid card or from your prepaid card directly to your PayPal balance.

Do I Have to Verify My Prepaid Card?

Yes, users have to verify their prepaid card with PayPal but not with personal information, identification or documents. PayPal will either charge or make a deposit to their prepaid card (usually a few cents up to $1). Users have to keep an eye out for this deposit or charge by looking at their prepaid card transaction history. Once you see PayPal in your transaction history focus on the charge/deposit amount. In your PayPal account , PayPal will ask users to enter the amount that they have deposited/charged to the prepaid card. Enter that amount into PayPal to verify the card.