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Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!
Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours!

Can I Load MoneyPak Onto Netspend?

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load moneypak onto Netspend

Can I Load My Netspend Card With A MoneyPak?

  Unfortunately no. MoneyPak claims to support 200+ prepaid debit card brands. However, some of the largest competing brands are not supported for the use of MoneyPak. NetSpend, American Express Serve, and PayPal Prepaid Card are just a few brands that cannot use MoneyPak as a reload method.


How Does This Affect Me?

It probably won't. MoneyPak cards are sold in many different stores such as CVS, 7-Eleven, Rite Aid, Walgreens and many other stores. There has been an increasing demand to reload prepaid debit cards at the cash register. Fortunately many of the same locations that allow you to buy a MoneyPak also allows you to reload your card at the register. If you are like us and many others, we carry our prepaid debit cards everywhere anywhere. In fact it saves us time from locating a MoneyPak in stores and allow customers to go straight to the cash register.


Netspend Card To Card Transfer

This will only affect you if you are the type of person who don't usually carry your prepaid debit card with you. It also affects anyone who are trying to load cash onto a friend or relative account. However, there are ways around that considering most prepaid cards, especially NetSpend, offer card to card transfer. NetSpend flash pay allows customers to send money to friends and family fast. The customer can easily load their NetSpend card at the register, then use flash pay to send their friends or family money. Both individuals must have a NetSpend card in order for this to work.