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The Best Debit Cards for International Travelers

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The Best Debit Cards for International Travelers

Here’s The Top 3 Best Debit Cards For International Travel

Traveling can be an exciting adventure for anyone, especially when your trip is well planned and organized. When traveling abroad, it is important to plan your budget and how all of your expenses will be paid for. Among all your possible choices, debit cards are one of the simplest, safest and easiest method to travel with, keeping your spending well organized and secure. Below are the top three debit cards to consider when planning your next trip!

Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account

best travel debit card

This debit account offers its customers unlimited ATM withdrawals with absolutely none on the normal ATM fees you acquire in foreign countries. All fees charged to your card will be refunded by the bank at the end of the month, making ATM transactions entirely free. This account also has no monthly fees or account minimums required to keep it open and active.

In order to open the High Yield Investor Checking Account, it is mandatory to link it to a Schwab One Brokerage® account.” However, the brokerage account has no monthly fees and, once linked, no money will actually need to reside in the account to keep it open. Also included with the checking account is the Schwab Bank Visa® Platinum debit card. Interest will be earned on the money in the account, with an annual percentage of 0.20%. Banking with Schwab is very convenient, as you have the ability to pay for your purchases with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay when you set up the option with compatible devices.

Fidelity® Cash Management Account

fidelity cash card

Similar to the Schwab card, Fidelity® Cash Management Account offers their customer no account fees or minimum balances and reimburses all ATM fees made, whether local or while traveling. However, a 1% charge on all ATM withdrawals and overseas spending will be charged as a foreign transaction fee, a common occurrence in many cards and something that most travelers would rather avoid. They offer convenience in a form of a mobile check deposit with the Fidelity app and the option to pay with Apple Pay and Google Pay. They also issue their clientele free standard checks.

Fidelity does not charge overdraft or any negative balance fees, so there are no worries for travelers that do a little more spending than they planned on and provides some security.

Capital One® 360 Checking Account

Capital One® 360 Checking Account

With no foreign transaction fees or monthly service fees, the Capitol One® 360 Checking Account is a great option for travelers. However, they do not reimburse their customers any ATM fees acquired while traveling, a problem which can easily be avoided if the client withdraws money from a Capital One branded ATM, which are located across a variety of different countries and continents and can easily be located online. There are no obligations regarding minimum opening deposits, any ongoing balance conditions or other hidden service fees when owning and operating this debit card, making it user friendly and convenient for traveling worldwide.

Credit cards are a viable option when traveling but may not be accepted worldwide and, depending on their terms and conditions, may charge you upwards of a 3% foreign transaction fee. Cash is another feasible option but, with exchange rates and bank commissions, you will lose your hard earned dollars exchanging to a foreign currency and, upon your return, exchanging the cash back to your local currency. On top of all the time and money you waste with this option, it is unsafe and inconvenient to travel with stacks of loose bills and coins on your person.

That is why, debit cards are your best bet when traveling abroad. With so many options to choose from, each offering different benefits to aid you on your travels, debit cards have proved to be reliable, safe and convenient.