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What Bank Does Serve Card Use?

American Express National Bank

American Express Serve Problems

Declined at certain ATMs, users being suspended and locked out of their accounts

How to Load American Express Serve?

cash register, check, ACH transfer, direct deposit, Walmart, barcode via app, mobile check

How Long Does Direct Deposit Take?

You'll typically receive funds within 1 - 2 business days

Does the Serve Card Report to Credit Bureaus?


Can I Use Serve on Zelle?


Can I Get Cashback With Serve?



American Express Serve® prepaid debit card only charges $1 per month. The reload fee at the register is $3.95 but it varies depending on the retailer. American Express Serve does not have it’s own reload pack so you must bring your prepaid debit card to the register to load money onto it.

American Express Serve®  also has a very cool feature that allows you to move money from your available balance to your reserve account. Not only is this a great mechanism to stash away money and save but it also prevents unauthorized charges because companies can only charge what's in your balance.

Here are a few other beneficial information regarding American Express Serve® prepaid card:

  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Credit Check
  • No Minimum Balance
  • Can register online
  • Free direct deposit
  • Free ATM withdrawals (using  MoneyPass® 24,000 locations)
  • Free Online Bill pay
  • Fraud Protection
  • Reserve account

American Express Serve® Scorecard












Features Score: 100

The Serve card has many cool features that other prepaid cards do not. For example they allow their cardholders to create multiple sub-accounts (comes with a physical card) and send money to those cards for free, the ability to freely transfer money from their reserve account to balance, freeze their card and many more features that we explain in this article.


Fees Score: 85

Serve gets a Fees Score of 85 which is pretty good. The only real fee users need to be concerned with is the $6.95 monthly fee but that can be waived with direct deposit. New York, Texas and Vermont residents do not pay any fees according to the company website. Also we have proved how users with a Serve card can completely avoid all fees in our article "Prepaid Cards With No Fees".


Limits Score: 75

The limits on serve card is pretty average when comparing to other cards, slightly higher limits in some area and lower in others. However it blows away the competition when it comes to maximum balance. Serve card allow users to hold up to $100,000 on their card.


Reload Score: 75

With 45,000 Serve reload locations, cardholders will not have a trouble reloading their card. Serve offers multiple ways to add money onto their card from cash reload, direct deposit, mobile check capture and even using the mobile app to generate a barcode which is unique to the Serve card.


Rewards Score: 50

Serve offer cardholders unlimited 1% cashback when they make purchases at certain retailers and online stores.


What Bank Does Serve Card Use?

The American Express Serve card is completely legit. American Express Serve is backed by American Express National Bank, a financial institution founded in March 18, 1850. American Express is listed in the New York Stock Exchange (stock market) and brings in revenue of 43.5 billion dollars in 2019. The American Express Serve address is:

American Express National Bank
4315 South 2700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84184


How Long Does Direct Deposit Take?

When you setup a direct deposit payment with American Express Serve, you will usually get your funds within 2 days before the payment is suppose to arrive. As far as exact time, I've noticed the payments usually arrive between 1pm - 5pm but the time of the deposit may be different for each Individual and its never the same time every time.

American Express Serve Fees

American Express Serve fees are not terrible. There's a $6.95 monthly fee that can be waived if the cardholder loads $500 or month per month. Other prepaid cards like Green Dot require a load amount of $1,000 in order to waive the fee. People who live in New York, Texas or Vermont will also benefit the most because there is "no monthly fee" for users living in these 3 states. Even though the Serve website states there is no fee for cardholders in these states, American Express Serve still charged us $1 monthly fee (NYC). Serve ATM withdrawal fee is comparable with most other reloadable cards which charges a fee of $2.50 per withdrawal.

American Express Serve Limits

The American Express Serve card has some pretty decent limits for the average everyday cardholder. Cardholders can withdraw a maximum of $400 per transaction at the ATM and $750 for the entire day. Cardholders can load $2,500 of cash onto their Serve card within 24 hours and a monthly amount of $5,000 (larger amounts can be added with direct deposit). The Serve card blows out the competition as far as the maximum amount of money that can be held on the card. While other prepaid cards maximum hangs around $15 - $20,000...Serve allow their users to have up to $100,000 on their card. Below is Serve's Limits chart.

How to Load American Express Serve?

  1. At Retailers - The Serve card can be reloaded at most reload locations (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, 7-Eleven etc) by simply bringing your card to the cashier and telling them the amount you would like to load onto the card. Despite some misconceptions out there on the internet, you cannot load an American Express Serve card with a MoneyPak.
  2. ACH Transfer - Cardholders can link another prepaid or debit card within their Serve account. The great thing about this method its incredibly fast. The second debit/prepaid card can be linked within minutes and when you initiate the transfer the money is added instantly. There is a limit of $200 per day for this type of transaction and you can only add $1,000 per month.
  3. Add Money By Check - Cardholders can add money to their Serve card by using the Serve mobile app and snapping a picture of their check.
  4. Direct Deposit - The most convenient way to add money to the Serve card is through direct deposit. Cardholders can setup direct deposit with their employer once and have their paycheck funded directly to their Serve card.

Can I Use Serve on Zelle?

No, you cannot use the American Express Serve card on Zelle. Serve is a reloadable card and not a debit card therefore Zelle does not allow the Serve card to be used on their app. There is no work around we are aware of at this point. If you plan on using Zelle you will have use a debit card supported by Zelle Network Banks.

How Long Does Direct Deposit Take With American Express Serve?

When you setup a direct deposit payment with American Express Serve, you will usually get your funds within 2 days before the payment is suppose to arrive. As far as exact time, I've noticed the payments usually arrive between 1pm - 5pm but the time of the deposit may be different for each Individual and its never the same time every time.

Final Thought

All in all I love 💙 this American Express prepaid card. Its low on fees and the ATM fees can be avoided. I've encountered very little technical issues and have not had any problems accessing my money. Because American Express isn't accepted at as many stores as Mastercard/Visa and my encounter with some online declined transactions issue, I would recommend having a second prepaid card that's either a Mastercard or Visa as a backup.

Does the Serve Card Report to Credit Bureaus?

No, the American Express Serve card does not report your card activity to any of the top 3 credit bureaus. Remember Amex Serve card is a reloadable prepaid card and not a secured credit card or credit card. If you are looking to build your credit score, I highly recommend using Chime Credit Builder.

American Express Serve Problems

The only issue that we've seen with this card is in the late hours at night and early hours in the morning (7am and earlier) Amex server seems to be down a lot. This means that you can't transfer funds from your Reserve account to your Balance. If you have all of your money in your balance then this will not affect you because you can still make purchases with the card.

American Express Serve Cons - The only thing I view as a con about the Serve card is that American Express isn't widely accepted as Mastercard or Visa. This means you may have to have a second prepaid debit card with the Mastercard/Visa logo or pay with cash. Paying with cash means you have to go to the ATM and be charged a $5 fee on top of whatever your purchase cost, costing you more money.

There are many negative reviews online from Serve cardholders about their accounts being suspended and being locked out of their account. One cardholder noticed that when users make large direct deposits over $1,000, it seems to trigger a fraud feature within the Serve card where users are locked out almost immediately.

Can I Get Cashback With Serve?

There is no cash back with the blue colored American Express Serve card. However, American Express also created a card which specifically focuses on cash back, its called the "American Express Serve Cash Back" card. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to learn more.

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