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Akimbo Prepaid Debit Card

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Akimbo Prepaid Debit Card


Table of Contents

  1.  Akimbo Card Overview
  2. Akimbo Prepaid Card Fees
  3. How to Add Money to Akimbo Card?
  4. Is Akimbo Card Safe?
  5. What Bank Does Akimbo Card Use?


akimbo card review

Akimbo Prepaid Debit Card

 Akimbo Card Overview

akimbo card

The Akimbo prepaid debit card is an ideal prepaid card to use if you are looking for a card that can be used by your entire family with little to no card fees attached. 

As with other prepaid debit cards, the Akimbo prepaid card can be used to monitor purchases, follow a budget, and even teach your children about effectively budgeting and saving. Akimbo prepaid debit card is card targeted for groups of people. Much like Serve, FamZoo & Greenlight, Akimbo allows up to 5 additional cards to be activated under a primary card.

Akimbo Prepaid Card Fees

This prepaid card does not have an activation fee but it does deduct a maximum amount of $4.95 for the first five pin-required transactions. This means that for the first five purchases made that require you to enter a pin, a fee ranging from $0.99 to $4.95 will be charged to your account. The debit card fees are limited to a $5.95 inactivity fee if it isn’t in use for a year and the pin-based payments mentioned above.


How to Add Money to Akimbo Card?

Direct deposit: the Akimbo card allows you to link your paycheck to your card. The direct deposit usually takes 1-2 days to clear and there are no additional fees incurred.

Card-to-card transfer: Akimbo prepaid debit card users can recharge or reload the account by a balance transfer from a Visa or Mastercard. This transfer can be done by inputting your Akimbo prepaid debit card number into the required account information section on the transfer page.

Cash Deposits: Cash deposits can be made into your Akimbo card by visiting any of the accepted retail locations. This deposit system does come with a retailer fee of up to $5.

Bank Transfer: simply visit any of the banks that can reload Akimbo prepaid cards and transfer the funds of your choice into your card.

Is Akimbo Card Safe?

Yes, the Akimbo card is completely safe. The prepaid debit card is issued by a bank that is a member of the FDIC and user funds are insured up $250,000 . Akimbo has also received several $800,000+ angel investments. The Akimbo prepaid debit card can be registered and activated without a chexsystems review, without a bank account and prepaid cards in general are pretty safe. Akimbo prepaid card is a subsidiary company of  FiCentiveInc a promotional prepaid card company which has now been renamed Akimbo Now. Akimbo was acquired by Payment Data Systems (now renamed USIO Inc,) for $3 million on December 16, 2014 (in cash according to Crunchbase). Bowen Center health company employees in 20 different counties are using the Akimbo prepaid debit card according to NASDAQ.

What Bank Does Akimbo Card Use?

The Akimbo prepaid Mastercard is issued by Sunrise Banks N.A. This is a different bank than most common prepaid cards that are issued by Metabank or Bancorp. Sunrise Banks N.A. is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sunrise Banks N.A. full address is 200 University Ave W,St Paul, MN 55103 and customer service number is (651) 265-5600.

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