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Ace Flare Account by MetaBank: A Complete Review

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Ace Flare Account


Table of Contents

  1. Ace Flare Account Overview
  2. Advantages of the Ace Flare Account
  3. Ace Flare Account Fees
  4. Ace Flare Account Summary
  5. Final Thoughts


Ace Flare Account Review

Ace Flare Account Review

The Ace Flare Account by Metabank is a solid option for people looking for a reliable and affordable prepaid debit card. Most accounts come with high fees and limitations.

In this Ace Flare Account review, we're going to tell you why this should be one of your top choices when exploring your prepaid debit card options. We'll cover the main advantages, pros, and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Ace Flare Account Overview

The Ace Flare Account is a prepaid debit card that functions just like a checking account. It was designed to help people on a budget with poor credit or who are building their credit. It's a newer option for prepaid accounts, but it's one of our top choices.

One reason we like it so much is that MetaBank backs it. The card was created by Ace Cash Express and is issued by MetaBank, both institutions with a long-standing presence in the financial industry.

Now officially Populus Financial Group, they still operate under Ace Cash Express to prevent confusion. They started back in 1968 and have over 1,000 Ace locations across 22 states. With a history like that, you know you can trust them.

Advantages of the Ace Flare Account

Ace Flare Account

Most people don't expect prepaid debit cards to come with any benefits like traditional checking accounts, but the Ace Flare Account has plenty. Here are some of the top advantages of signing up.

You Can Earn Interest

While the interest this account can earn isn't astronomical, it is a nice feature considering that most prepaid debit cards don't offer it. Right now, the Ace Flare Account pays .01% APY on the debit card.

There's also more opportunity to earn by opening an Ace Flare Savings Account. Enrolling in a savings account will boost your interest on your checking account.

Sign-Up Is Easy

Ace Flare Account Sign Up

Don't worry about making a trip to a bank or waiting days for approval to open an account. The Ace Flare Account makes sign-up easy by offering free online and over-the-phone applications.

Just fill out some basic information, and you'll be good to go! There is also an option to enroll in person at any Ace Cash Express location. Be aware, though, that this option does come with a $3 fee.

No Minimum Balance

The Ace Flare Account prepaid debit card requires no minimum balance to open an account. That's nice because it allows people the flexibility to open an account without saving for it first.

There's also no minimum account balance to maintain. Many traditional bank accounts require this, and it can be as low as $5 and even go as high as $2,500. This can be difficult to maintain, though, especially if you're trying to rebuild your credit.

Still, try not to consistently leave it a zero balance, as this could lead to a fee every at the end of the month (read about the fees below).

No Limit on Direct Deposits

Some prepaid checking accounts limit how much a cardholder can deposit electronically, but not the Ace Flare Account by MetaBank. Everyone will have unlimited direct deposits, a feature some prepaid debit cards don't have.

This doesn't apply to cash deposits, though. An Ace Flare Account owner can deposit up to $7,500 each day through the NetSpend Network and up to $15,000 every 30 days. But this is still pretty high for a prepaid card.

Overdraft Coverage

One of the key advantages of the Ace Flare Account is the option to enroll in overdraft coverage. This feature comes in handy if you're expecting an automatic payment, but you cannot cover it right away.

The overdraft coverage isn't automatically included, though. If you qualify, it can be added, but keep in mind there will be a $20 charge every time the balance goes over negative $10. However, these fees are limited to five per month.

Accessible Customer Service

One complaint many people have about prepaid debit cards is the lack of support. Traditional banks generally offer phone and online customer service, but a lot of prepaid accounts don't. Either that, or it's very limited.

That's one quality that sets the Ace Flare Account apart. Since it was created by Ace Cash Express, a financial company that's been in business for over 50 years, you can feel good knowing you can get help when you need it.

Ace Flare Account Fees

ace flare account fees


Like any checking account, the Ace Flare prepaid debit card does come with some fees. Things like opening an account, enrolling in direct deposit, and stop payments are free, but there are some potential fees you should be aware of. Read on to find out what they are.

  • Domestic ATM Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
  • International ATM Withdrawal Fee: $4.50
  • Foreign Transaction Fee: 3%
  • Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00 (domestic and international)
  • Over-the-counter Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
  • Statement Mailing Fee: $5.95 per statement
  • Replacement or Additional Card: $3.95 per card ($4.95 for custom cards)
  • Account-to-Account Transfer Fee: Free unless you go through a customer service representative, in which case it's $4.95
  • Opening an Account In-Person: $3

It's also important to know that there is a monthly account fee, but there are two different options.The first option is an account set up with no direct deposit, which will cost $9.95 per month. The second option is to set up a direct deposit and receive at least $500 a month, at which time your monthly cost would go down to $5.

Ace Flare Account Summary

Overall, we have to give the Ace Flare Account by MetaBank a high score because it gives you everything you need out of a prepaid account and more. Some cards have incredibly high fees and even cost money to open one, but not this one.

Having this debit card will feel exactly like having a traditional checking account. Not only will you get unlimited direct deposit, but you can earn interest, and you'll also have access to over 1,000 Ace Cash Express locations.


  • No minimum balance
  • Easy to sign-up
  • Monthly statements
  • Unlimited direct deposit
  • Accessible customer service


  • Monthly account fee
  • Fees for paper statements
  • Low-interest gains

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a flexible, secure prepaid debit card then you can't go wrong with the Ace Flare Account. It works just like a traditional checking account and it's easy to setup. Need more time to decide? Compare other prepaid card options on our site now!