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Get a Reloadable Card Today!

AccountNow® Prepaid Card

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accountnow prepaid card

AccountNow® Prepaid Card


Is AccountNow® The Right Prepaid Card For You?

AccountNow® is a great prepaid debit card. It offers the basic necessary features that many other cards offer. However, one of the things we personally like about My AccountNow is the ease of use and customer service.

AccountNow also offers a lot of learning materials on their blog called “Money 411“. This shows that the company cares about saving you money and helping you make smart money decisions. We are not saying that other prepaid debit card companies do not offer financial learning materials and tools, however, there are none that come to mind. Unfortunately, Money 411, which was a unique selling point is no longer available.

AccountNow Fees

AccountNow monthly fee of $9.00 is a little higher than most other prepaid cards, even Green Dot (who actually owns AccountNow). Their replacement card fee of $10.00 is comparable to other prepaid cards that charge anywhere between $8-$15.

AccountNow's withdrawal fee of $3.00 is on the higher end of the spectrum than many other prepaid cards which charges $2.50 per withdrawal. Overall their fees are not unreasonable but ATM withdrawal and monthly fees are a bit discouraging.

AccountNow fees


AccountNow Program That Builds Your Credit Score

AccountNow used to offer a program that helped its consumers build their credit score, which was something we really enjoyed. Not only did they have a program to help build your credit but you could also receive a loan with another company that had partnered with them. Unfortunately, this is a thing of the past because there is no sign or advertisement that this program still exists.

AccountNow does offer direct deposit and mobile checking, but again these features are available for many prepaid debit cards.

AccountNow In A Nutshell

AccountNow is a pretty basic prepaid debit card that offers the minimum and nothing else. They have excellent customer service and support team. There have been times where a customer had a negative balance in their account and AccountNow forgave them for it and wiped it clean. That’s pretty cool although consumers should not expect this. They advertise 135,000 locations but, in general, many other debit cards have about the same amount of locations when you include the fact that Moneygram, Visa ReadyLink (reloads all Visa cards) and selected Western Union locations all reload prepaid debit cards.

AccountNow Discontinuing?

accountnow green dot unlimited

Since the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020, Green Dot Corp., the company that owns AccountNow, has disabled online signups (and possible in-store signups as well) of this prepaid debit card. AccountNow's website is currently plastered with the promotion of Green Dot's Unlimited bank account, a card Green Dot has been pushing heavily.

ReadyDebit prepaid card's website has completely shut down and redirects to Green Dot's website and we feel that the AccountNow card will slowly become discontinued, although no announcements have yet been made.

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