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Get a Reloadable Card Today!
Get a Reloadable Card Today!

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Who We Are

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Reload Packs allowed consumers to purchase reload packs such as MoneyPak, Netspend Reload Pack, Vanilla Reload, REloadit and PayPal My Cash online without a hassle. Established in 2014 Reload Packs have been providing thousands of people with the convenience of reloading their prepaid debit cards online and providing general information to all of their needs regarding prepaid cards and by-products of prepaid cards.


We Have Evolved!

Because Reload Packs was actually providing multiple services in the prepaid card industry we thought it was best to reflect that in our name. We have changed our name to "Reloadable Cards" (another word for prepaid cards or the full name "General Purpose Reloadable Cards")

We have evolved from just servicing and discussing reload packs to providing a variety of financial information and services to prepaid cardholders. Users visiting our website can easily find information about each prepaid card, including basic features, fees, limitations and known issues with the card or company providing the card.

Why Trust Us?


Why trust us? Great question and the answer is simple. We have been servicing customers for over 5 years with little to no negative reviews. Unlike other prepaid card websites that exist just to make money from affiliate marketing referral signups, we go the extra mile for our users. Proof of that is our Reload Locations tool, which is a custom built, reliable locator we developed from the ground up that allow our users to easily find a store to reload their prepaid card nearby. No other locator is like ours.

We Are Millennials.

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Millions of Americans nationwide either don’t have have a checking account because of problems with their banking history, credit, or because they just prefer not to. However, the popularity of ATMs, online shopping, and other electronic forms of payment, often leaves those who are unbanked or underbanked feeling left out and unable to keep up with newer technology. With reloadable cards, unbanked consumers can share the convenience that comes along with having a checking account; they can store their money, withdraw cash, pay via ATM, and more.

 We Are Millennials. We are the consumer, while other websites do their research online and write a well written article about different prepaid cards, and discuss which prepaid cards are best based on that research, We, like many of you are active prepaid card users.

We pay our groceries, rent, transportation (in many cases), internet bills etc all using prepaid cards. We withdraw cash from ATMs with our prepaid cards and try using it with many different services and apps. We can provide you with information that other websites cannot, because they are not true users of reloadable prepaid cards. Many of us Millennials chooses prepaid cards and mobile banking platforms such as Venmo, Cash App & PayPal over traditional bank accounts, but many of us actually have bank accounts as well.

83% of Millennial Prepaid Cardholders Also Have A Debit Card

Contrary to popular belief 83% of Millennials and Generation Z prepaid cardholders also have bank debit cards. Historically prepaid cards were used by people who could not get a bank account and likely to be low income. However, even that has changed as of 2020. In fact 60% of Millennials that have an income of $100,000+ have used reloadable prepaid cards. One of the biggest issues most Millennials have with bank accounts is making deposits. Making a deposit into a bank debit card requires a trip to the bank. The bank atmosphere is not the same as a retail store and there are less locations available. There are many more retail stores to load your reloadable prepaid cards than your specific brand of bank at any one location.


Website Shortcuts - Compare, review and apply for reloadable cards online. Review fees, features and pros & cons of reloadable prepaid cards & debit cards. - Everything you need to know about reload packs including MoneyPak, NetSpend Reload Pack, PayPal Cash Barcode, Vanilla Reload & Reloadit. - Our very own reload location locator. If you need to find a retail store nearby to add funds on your prepaid card, purchase a MoneyPak, buy a gift card or reloadable card then our locator will do the job. You can find surcharge free ATMs and filter stores & ATMs by brands.