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Vanilla Reload: The Definitive Guide

vanilla reload overview

Vanilla Reload Overview

Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. What Is A Vanilla Reload Card?
  2. Who or What is InComm?
  3. How Much Money Can I Add On A Vanilla Reload?
  4. What’s The Difference Between Vanilla Reload & Prepaid Reload?
  5. Is A Vanilla Gift Card Reloadable?
  6. How Do I Add Money To My Vanilla Visa Card?
  7. Can I Buy A Vanilla Reload With A Credit Card?
  8. What Stores Sell Vanilla Reload Cards?
  9. Is There A Vanilla Reload Pin Generator?
  10. How Do I Load MyVanilla Prepaid Card?
  11. What Is Swipe Load?
  12. What is VanillaDirect Load?



The Vanilla Reload card has became a favorite for many unbanked prepaid debit card holders. It works just the same as many other reload packs, but we suspect the cool name and jazzy colors help Vanilla Reload gain traction. Besides the brand that created it, is one of the only prepaid debit card companies that offer an anonymous prepaid card (the OneVanilla). However, in this article we discuss everything you need to know about the Vanilla Reload card. This is a users definitive guide that answers all common questions asked about Vanilla Reload.


What Is A Vanilla Reload Card?

What Is A Vanilla reload Card

A Vanilla Reload Card is a reload pack created by InComm . It is a card that allow users to add money to their MyVanilla prepaid debit card. Vanilla Reload is among the 5 popular reload packs that have existed competing with NetSpend Reload Pack, MoneyPak, PayPal My Cash and REloadit.


Who or What Is InComm?

Interactive Communications International, Inc., better known as InComm is the parent company of Vanilla Reload, OneVanilla, MyVanilla and VanillaDirect Load/Swipe Load. Established in 1992 the company has been an early leader in the prepaid industry. CEO Brooks Smith has 20 years of experience in the industry and has built a solid partnership with retailers such as Walmart, CVS, Best Buy and 7-Eleven.


How Much Money Can I Add On A Vanilla Reload Card?


Users can load anywhere between $20-$500 on a Vanilla Reload.

Vanilla Reload allow users to add anywhere from $20 – $500 onto a single card. This is the standard load amount for most reload packs.


What’s The Difference Between Vanilla Reload and Prepaid Reload?

vanilla reload vs prepaid reload

There is no difference in the services they provide. Both Vanilla Reload and Prepaid Reload are the same products. They just have different names and different designs. Prepaid Reload was InComm’s first reload pack design.

Later the company decided to come up with a more cool design (the green design with the ice cream cone logo) and came up with the name “Vanilla Reload”. A similar transition has also happened to MoneyPak, REloadit and PayPal My Cash.

Is A Vanilla Gift Card Reloadable?

No. OneVanilla “gift card” cannot be reloaded. OneVanilla is a prepaid card that allows consumers to load money onto the card only once. When the funds have been spent, the prepaid card will no longer work. Consumers can however, reload their MyVanilla Mastercard.

How Do I Add Money To My Vanilla Visa Card?


Vanilla Reload cards have been discontinued. MyVanilla cardholders can still add money to their card using Vanilla’s Swipe Load at the register. This works similarly to Green Dot’s Reload at Register where the cardholder brings their MyVanilla card to the cash register and add money onto the card without the use of a reload pack.


Can I Buy A Vanilla Reload With A Credit Card?

Short answer: No, you cannot buy a Vanilla Reload card with a credit card.

This question has always been a controversial one. InComm, like many other reload packs, does not authorize or promote the selling of their Vanilla reload online or with a credit card. However, the truth is that yes it could be done. There is nothing illegal preventing a company or individual person from purchasing a Vanilla Reload and then allowing someone else purchase the reload pack online or with a credit card. has historically allowed the selling of reload packs online with the use of credit card. As of 2019 we no longer offer this service. This decision was made to discourage fraudsters and help in the fight against scammers. It is also not possible to buy a Vanilla Reload with a credit card or cash for that matter considering the reload pack has been discontinued and is no longer available in stores.


What Stores Sell Vanilla Reload Cards?

As we have mentioned above Vanilla Reload cards have been discontinued. So currently it is not possible to purchase a Vanilla Reload at any location. Vanilla Swipe Load is available at the same locations that Vanilla Reload was available at. Below we list some of the stores Swipe Load is available at.

Stores That Support Swipe Load

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. CVS
  3. Dollar General
  4. Family Dollar
  5. Rite Aid
  6. Speedway
  7. Walgreens
  8. Walmart (via Rapid Reload)

You can find the nearest Swipe Load location near you by using Vanilla Reload official locator or by using Reload Locations.


Is There A Vanilla Reload Pin Generator?

No. There has never been a Vanilla Reload pin generator that allow users to get free money. These types of scams commonly used by third world countries (popular in India) are just to get users to go through some affiliate marketing process where the website/software owner gets the commission. Other scammers may attempt to get users to download a malicious file or try to steal personal information from users. Please read our post “Vanilla Reload Pin Generator”.


How Do I Load MyVanilla Prepaid card?

As stated above users can load their MyVanilla prepaid debit card with Vanilla Swipe Load.


What Is Vanilla Swipe Load?

Vanilla Swipe Load 

Vanilla Reload has discontinued their reload pack and in its place introduced Vanilla Swipe Load. Rather than purchasing a Vanilla Reload card, cardholders will have to bring their MyVanilla card with them and load the card at the cash register.


What Is VanillaDirect Load?

VanillaDirect Load

VanillaDirect Load is pretty much the same as Swipe Load. I know it can get confusing but bear with us. It operates the same way as Swipe Load in that users bring their prepaid debit card to the cashier and load their debit card. VanillaDirect Pay uses a barcode system much like PayPal Cash. However, the big difference is VanillaDirect Pay is a service that allow users to pay bills.

Cardholders can load their MyVanilla card with the VanillaDirect Load and Swipe Load (again is the same thing with different names) but cannot load their cards with the VanillaDirect Pay system. VanillaDirect Pay is a fairly new service introduced by InComm. 

Here’s How VanillaDirect Pay Work:

VanillaDirect Pay

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