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Get a Reloadable Card Today!

reloadit card

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REloadit: The Definitive Guide

reloadit card


Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. Overview
  2. What Is A REloadit Card?
  3. How Does REloadit Work?
  4. How To Redeem A REloadit Card?
  5. Color Coordinated Boxes
  6. What Debit Cards Work With REloadit?
  7. What Stores Sell REloadit Card?
  8. Can I Buy A REloadit Pack Online With A Credit Card?
  9. REloadit Card Scams
  10. Top 3 REloadit Card Scams
  11. REloadit Technical Difficulties 2019
  12. REloadit "Safe Login"
  13. *REloadit Customer Service Support
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REloadit cards are one of the more unique reload packs. Not only are the cards sold at entirely different retail stores than typical reload packs, but their “safe” function is the first of its kind. There is not another reload pack that offers this type of service. The one thing that REloadit shares with other reload packs is its technical issues. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about REloadit cards.


*Note: In this article, we use the terms “card(s)” and “pack(s)” interchangeably. The words have the same meaning in the context that we used them in. 


What Is A REloadit Card? 

What is a reloadit card

A REloadit card is a reload pack created by Blackhawk Network Inc. A REloadit card can be purchased at partnered retail stores. Consumers can add money onto the card which will then be transferred onto a supported prepaid debit card. REloadit works the same as other reload packs such as NetSpend reload packMoneyPak, Vanilla Reload, and PayPal My Cash. REloadit is one of the few reload packs that have not discontinued their cards. 


How Does REloadit Work? 

Here's How REloadit Works


Step-by-Step How Reloadit Works

REloadit cards are very simple to use. This reload pack is very similar to other reload packs but it has an added advantage consumers won’t find anywhere else.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit store - Visit a partnered retail store. 
  2. Pick up a card - Choose the card that says “REloadit”. It will display the trademark logo. REloadit cards can typically be located in the “Prepaid” section of the store. An employee can assist those who have a difficult time finding this section. 
  3. Cash Register- Bring the REloadit card to the cash register. 
  4. Load Amount - Tell the cashier the dollar amount to be loaded onto the card. The value can be anywhere between $10 – $500. There is a $3.95 service fee. 
  5. Visit Website - Once the REloadit card has been paid for visit
  6. Log In - Log in to your account and add the REloadit card 10 digit scratch pin in the “Add pack” section. You can find this pin on the back of the REloadit card. 
  7. Add Pin to Account - Once you’ve added your 10 digit pin you can load your card immediately or save it to be loaded later. This feature is known as REloadit Safe. 
  8. Load Card - To load your card now simply click on “ Load ”. 
  9. Choose Prepaid Card - Select a prepaid debit card stored in your account to be loaded. 
  10. Choose REloadit Pack - Select the REloadit card in your account you want to use. 
  11. Click “ Load Now ” and that’s it! 
  12. You’re done! 

How to Redeem a REloadit Card? 

REloadit has made it very easy for users to redeem their cards. The main functions of the account are color-coded in an easy to understand display. Below we explain each color boxes and the type of action they perform. 


Color Coordinated Boxes 

 color coordinated boxes

  • Blue Box:The blue box allows users to load their debit card with the REloadit pack stored in their account.
  • Orange Box:The orange box allows users to add and manage their REloadit packs. Users can choose to add and then load their debit card right away or save it in storage for later use. This section is known as “REloadit Safe” because you can store your REloadit packs. 
  • Yellow Box:All of the user’s transactions are recorded in the yellow box. Whether a prepaid debit card has just been added/removed or a REloadit pack has been added/loaded users can view all records here. 
  • Green Box:The green box allows users to add and manage their prepaid debit cards. You can only add supported prepaid debit cards. 


What Prepaid Debit Cards Work With REloadit? 

Quite a few prepaid debit cards work with REloadit. Giant Eagle FuelPerks, Money Network, American Express Serve, NetSpend, PayPal Prepaid, Western Union and NetSpend. As of June 30th, 2020 the Univision Mastercard Prepaid Card no longer supports REloadit.


What Stores Sell REloadit Cards? 

Where do I purchase a REloadit card? REloadit cards are sold at thousands of locations. However, it is not sold at popular retail stores where other reload packs are commonly sold (CVSWalgreens7-Eleven etc.). This is a slight disadvantage for users who do not visit these stores often. Below is a list of retail stores that sell REloadit cards. 


Stores That Sell REloadit Cards 


  1. Gristedes Supermarket  
  2. New Albertsons Inc. 
  3. Weis 
  4. Giant Food Stores 
  5. Safeway 
  6. Kroger 
  7. Food Lion 
  8. Vons Supermarket 
  9. Ralphs 
  10. Food 4 Less 
  11. Dominick’s
  12. Genuardi’s
  13. Randalls
  14. Tom Thumb
  15. Pavilions
  16. Carrs …and many more locations!

Safeway and Krogers are the largest retail stores that sell REloadit cards. In addition to large retail stores, smaller local stores may also carry REloadit cards as well. You can visit or Reload Locations. Reload Center allows you to find 

REloadit locations easily. Just click accept when the website request permission to grab your current location. REloadit cards can be easily recognized by the blue, green, yellow and orange pattern. The listing will also display a REloadit card image.  


Can I Buy A REloadit Pack Online With A Credit Card? 

Can i buy a reloadit pack online with credit card

Yes and no. The official answer stated by REloadit is no, but has certainly allowed the purchase of a REloadit pack online with a credit card. Blackhawk Network Inc. does not want their REloadit cards sold in this manner and they can certainly make it harder for someone attempting to sell them online. However, there’s nothing really preventing a business or individual from selling them online. The problem is finding a reliable, honest and ethical entity that sells them.  has discontinued the service of allowing reload packs to be bought online with credit cards to discourage fraudsters and help fight against reloading scams. So technically yes, you can purchase a REloadit online with your credit card. The hard part now is finding and trusting someone to provide this service. With so many scammers out there we highly recommend buying it from a partnered retail store.

REloadit Card Scams

REloadit card scams can be very harmful. Fraudsters have recently been using REloadit cards as a way of scamming innocent people out of their hard earned money. These scammers will convince you to load your REloadit card with money and then ask you to provide them with the validation code located on the back. Remember you should never pay anyone using any reload pack such as REloadit, MoneyPak, NetSpend Reload Pack or PayPal Cash. If someone ask you to pay through one of these cards, DO NOT go through with it.
This video teaches you about the 3 REloadit card scams and how to protect your money.

Top 3 REloadit Card Scams Are:

  1. IRS Scam
    2. Family Member Scam
    3. Utility Bill Scam

REloadit Technical Difficulties 2019

The one thing that REloadit does have in common with the other reload packs is technical issues. There have been a few known complaints about not being able to load the REloadit card. Many customers have complained about receiving the “We are experiencing technical difficulties” when trying to add their REloadit card. There are also complaints about not being able to get through customer service when called. Unfortunately, there really is no solution to this problem. It’s a gamble every customer must take.

REloadit "Safe Login"

At times you will encounter a login issue with REloadit that looks like this:

This occurs when users login to their REloadit account from a new or unrecognized device. To solve this issue simply attempt to login. REloadit will send (you) the user an email to verify that they've attempted to log in from a new device. The email will look similar to this:

reloadit email

Click on the blue hyper link labeled "Verify New Device”. Keep in mind that you must verify your device right away because the link expires within 4 hours. After the user click on the link they will be prompted with a screen that looks like this:

reloadit safe login

Login to the green "Safe Login" box and that’s it!

*REloadit Customer Service Support

Reloadit customer service support

1 (888) 633-9434
Customer Service
10615 Professional Circle
Suite 102
Reno, NV 89521

Automated Customer Service
24 hours a day
Live Agent Customer Service
6 am-Midnights CST
7 days a week

*The customer service information on this page is pulled directly from REloadit’s official website



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