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paypal my cash

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PayPal Cash: The Definitive Guide

PayPal My Cash: The Definitive Guide

paypal my cash

PayPal My Cash Overview


Here’s What We’ve Covered:

  1. What Is A PayPal My Cash Card?
  2. PayPal My Cash Alternative
  3. PayPal My Cash vs PayPal Cash
  4. What Stores Sell PayPal Cash?
  5. Can You Buy PayPal Cash Online With Credit Card?
  6. How Much Can I Load Onto PayPal Cash?
  7. Why Won’t PayPal My Cash Work?
  8. PayPal My Cash Website And Getting A Refund
  9. Taking Legal Actions
  10. My Cash Error Code = 109
  11. PayPal My Cash Scams



PayPal My Cash is the 3rd largest reload pack and for a good reason. Many people simply do not want to connect their bank or other debit cards cards to their PayPal account. In this article you will find useful answers to the most frequently asked questions about PayPal My Cash and PayPal Cash/barcode system. 

What Is A PayPal My Cash Card?

what is paypal my cash

PayPal My Cash is a card that consumers buy at specific stores and add money onto. The money is then transferred from their PayPal My Cash card to their PayPal account. PayPal My Cash works exactly like a MoneyPak and other reload packs. The only difference is the My Cash card loads PayPal accounts. PayPal has discontinued PayPal My Cash in response to the significant amount of reload pack scams and security flaws in the product. So if you are looking to buy a PayPal My Cash card today you won’t find them in any stores. However, you can still load your PayPal prepaid card and PayPal account with another product from PayPal called “Digitize Cash”.

PayPal My Cash Alternative

PayPal My Cash DiscontinuedPayPal Cash is an alternative to PayPal My Cash.  PayPal My Cash is a traditional reload pack that operates the same as all the other reload packs. PayPal Cash is a cardless reload pack that operates using a barcode system. You cannot go to the store and purchase a PayPal My Cash card because it has been discontinued as we have explained. However, PayPal cash is still available. Learn in detail the difference between PayPal My Cash and PayPal Cash below.

Whats The Difference?: PayPal My Cash vs PayPal Cash®

PayPal My Cash vs PayPal CashPayPal My Cash is a reload pack that works just like a MoneyPak. PayPal Cash uses a barcode system.

It sounds a little confusing but we promise its not. PayPal My Cash & PayPal Cash®  (also know as “PayPal Barcode”) are two completely different things.  However, PayPal Cash®  is not a reload pack but instead uses a digital barcode. The barcode can only be generated from your PayPal account, and will work at the specific retail store that you chose during the barcode generation process. It also has a time limit before it expires.

So in essence PayPal My Cash & PayPal Cash®  has the same goal to allow consumers to add funds to their PayPal account without having to use a credit/debit card or their bank account. At the same time, PayPal Cash®  requires more steps than PayPal My Cash.  . Below we’ll show you how to add money to your PayPal account with PayPal Cash® .

What Stores Sell PayPal Cash?

PayPal My Cash has been discontinued, so consumers will not find that reload pack in any store. PayPal Cash (the barcode system) is sold at many popular retail stores such as CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens etcetera. Other PayPal Cash partners include retailers listed on Green Dot’s “Reload At Register” network. Lucky for you if you are looking for a “reload center” we have created a fast and easy way to find these locations. Just visit Reload Locations, accept permission to grab your current location and the first 4 closest locations will display. It’s just that simple.

 Can You Buy PayPal Cash Online With A Credit Card?

 Can You Buy PayPal Cash Online With A Credit Card?

Is it possible? Yes. PayPal Cash uses a barcode system. Someone can pay a business, family or friend with their credit card and provide them with the barcode and store they’ve chose during the barcode generation process. Consumers have to keep in mind that barcodes sent their phone expires within 1 hour. However if you print the barcode it expires within 48 hours. provided this service in the past. Customers would save the generated barcode as a pdf and send it to us. We would then print and have one of our staff members redeem the barcode. We have since suspended our services of allowing users to purchase reload packs online due to the significant amount of fraud involving reload packs.

How Much Can I Load Onto PayPal Cash?

The same reload restrictions applies to PayPal Cash as it did on PayPal My Cash. You can load anywhere from $5 to $500. PayPal charges a $3.95 fee. This is the industry standard fee and load amount across most reload packs. If the a consumer needs to load a larger amount such as $1,000 they may purchase two PayPal Cash and load $500 on each. There is nothing preventing a user from doing this. However, if a consumer is looking to use this method to load $5,000 PayPal may block the transaction to prevent fraud, money laundering and other illegal activities.

Why Won’t PayPal My Cash Work?

There have been several reported issues with PayPal My Cash. Some of the issues reported have been technical issues with PayPal themselves. There are work arounds for other PayPal My Cash issues. The most common issue caused by a consumer who have just purchased a PayPal My Cash Card and try to transfer the funds to PayPal a little to quickly. A General rule of thumb for transferring the money from your reload pack to PayPal or a PayPal debit card is to wait 30 minutes after purchase. This will reduce the errors that occur. This information will only help those who currently have an active PayPal My Cash card before PayPal discontinued it. There has not been any reported issues as of yet with PayPal Cash (the barcode system).

PayPal My Cash Website And Getting A Refund

The official website for PayPal My Cash was However, this website now redirects back to “PayPal Cash” page where you can generate your barcode. SO as of 2019 all support online for PayPal my Cash is non-existent. If a consumer just so happen to have one of these cards with a money still on it we recommend calling PayPal and request a refund. The refund will likely be credited to the users PayPal Account.

PayPal My Cash Refund

Every now and then when you go to the store you may receive a defective reload pack. The problem with this is that when you leave the store with the defective product it’s hard to convince the store owner that the card didn’t work. There has been so many scams involving reload packs that there’s always a slight suspicion. However, the fact is that cashiers do make mistake. Sometimes they think that the code went through when sliding the reload pack into the machine but sometimes they are so busy they miss it. The transaction may have been completed correctly but the PayPal My Cash code just can’t be redeemed. However you flip the situation you still have the conundrum of figuring out how to get your PayPal My Cash refund. Below we share an old method.

How To Get My PayPal My Cash Refund

To get your PayPal My Cash refund you should do the following things:

  1. Wait: First just wait before trying to load your account/card with PayPal My Cash. Often time when you try to load your PayPal account as soon as your purchase the card you may get a common error. The reason your card may not have worked may be a minor technical error on PayPal’s end. Look for any error codes. This will be very useful information when contacting PayPal support.
  2. Contact The Store: You should contact the store and explain the situation to the cashier and/or manager. Request the confirmation code that the transaction has successfully went through. This information can also be useful later when contacting PayPal support. For this step you will obviously need the PayPal My Cash card you’ve purchased along with the receipt.
  3. Contact PayPal: If the first 2 steps did not solve anything, then its time to contact PayPal.  You can do this by email which is a very tedious task because there is no direct email to contact PayPal. PayPal has also been known not to reply to customers emails as well, but still it’s an option. We would suggest calling PayPal Customer service number 1 (888) 221-1161 . Collect all the information and have them ready when you make the call such as city/state, the store you purchase the PayPal My Cash card from, code on the card if applicable, information on the receipt and the error code that showed on your PayPal account.

Taking Legal Actions

If the cashier has  successfully completed the transaction then the card should work. Money doesn’t go into one place and just disappear, so somewhere there is a mistake to be found.  Depending on how much you loaded onto the card you can always attempt to take legal action if none of the above methods worked. The problem with this option is that a lawyer may end up costing you more than the amount you initially paid on your PayPal My Cash card. I hope we’ve successfully helped you find a solution to getting your PayPal My Cash refund. For more useful information please visit PayPal Community.

My Cash Error Code = 109

Many recipients of the PayPal My Cash card have made the complaint of receiving the My Cash error code = 109. This isn’t the only error complaint, however, its the most common one. Other My cash error codes include 202, 109109, 4006, 203, 62 and 4003. People have also complained about getting the error response “sorry, the redemption of your my cash card could not be completed at this time”. Below we try to address the 109 error code issue.

My Cash Error Code = 109 – PayPal Forum


Good news is the My Cash error code = 109 has nothing to do with you personally. Many people have had the same complications. You can check out this PayPal Community. You can gain a wealth of information by reading through this PayPal forum and use some of the techniques others have found to work for them. There are no guarantees that it will work, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

My Cash Error Code = 109 – Common Reason

 One of the most common reasons for getting this error is PayPal’s propagation. When you purchase a PayPal My Cash card from your local convenience store you think cool, I can just load my card into my account now. The fact is that the My Cash card needs to relay the transaction information to PayPal’s system and update them. PayPal’s system takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to update that information.What this mean is that even though you have successfully placed funds onto the PayPal My Cash card you are not likely able to use it right away.

Still Getting The 109 Error Of Death

If it’s been more than 24 hrs and you are still getting the 109 Error of death I would suggest calling PayPal headquarters and explaining the issue to them. It may be a security issue or a physical problem with the My Cash card you were given. It may be a slight inconvenience to you but PayPal does offer a refund for an unused My Cash card.

PayPal customer service number =  1+ (888) 221-1161


PayPal My Cash Scams

My Cash cards were being used by scammers the same as MoneyPak scams. The scammer would pretend to represent someone from the government, law enforcement or company and tell the victim they owe money and must pay in PayPal My Cash. However, there was another fraudulent issue PayPal cards faced that others did not. That is…embezzlement. My Cash card validation codes were stored in plain text in a database. InComm IT employees would take the pin and load cash on their own cards or trade the pins and sell them online. In one case  $5,000 in PayPal My Cash card was traced back to InComm Database Administrator. Learn more about PayPal My Cash Embezzlement.

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