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Prepaid Debit For Teens

Prepaid cards for teensThe acceptance of prepaid cards as a primary means to fund teenagers is growing exponentially. The less than perfect introduction of the product a few years ago caused a stir and tainted the reputation of reloadable cards for teens. The ‘Celebrity’ endorsed cards that pioneered the market were loaded with heavy fees that took away from the benefits the cards offered.

The resurgence…

Overtime, it’s become clear that all consumers really needed to do was look past the glitter and glam of the ‘celebrity’ cards and identify sources of low fee cards. We only recommend using cards that are actually associated with Banks.

why? …you ask

Well, truth is… if you are trying to teach your children personal finance management, best place to start is a bank. ONLY works with financial institutions that carry reloadable cards. Most banks offer prepaid debit cards at much lower fees than non-financial sources.

Not to mention, prepaid cards issued by banks bear more credibility and are accepted in more locations.

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